Transform your HR with cognitive technologies

The workforce has evolved; HR hasn’t

The digital economy calls for new roles, skillsets and learning. Failure to train and recruit accordingly directly impacts competitiveness. Until now, HR practices have been slow to adapt and enterprises find recruiting new talent and training and retaining existing employees both time-consuming and expensive.

HR departments typically deal with high volumes of unstructured data from multiple sources. Big data, analytics and cognitive technologies have not yet been widely harnessed by HR, yet can offer significant advantages. So how and where do enterprises get started?

People Analytics

Leveraging Spark analytics engine and Watson Explorer from IBM®, People Analytics from Capgemini puts cognitive technology at the heart of two core HR processes.

Recruitment and resourcing: Our matching tool provides automated and accurate ranking the best candidates for a job or engagement, leveraging contextualized natural language processing. This functionality can be leveraged for internal mobility as well as external recruitment processes, and saves a significant amount of time to staffing and recruitment teams, while helping them to reach a number of candidates that would not have been feasible using traditional manual methods.

Skills management: Our solution creates a dynamic company skills map leveraging employees resumes and/or existing reference documentation. This enables a 360° degree view of competencies within the organization (including vision of skills by geography, seniority, internal/external split, etc) as well as data driven definition of training plans and personalized training recommendation.

Powering up HR for the digital age

People Analytics is capable of reducing manual research and matching by HR practitioners by around 80%. Capgemini offers strategic thinking coupled with deep experience in process optimization, and best-in-class technologies from IBM power a ready-made solution covering cloud, cognitive computing and analytics.

People Analytics is one of a number of HR solutions and is available as a pay-per-use or on-premise installed solution.

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