The continuous need for concise and actionable insights

Organizations realize that analytics represents an attractive opportunity to deliver business value, but often do not know how to begin their analytical journey or enhance their existing analytical capability. The challenges are:

  • Where to start with big data analytics
  • How to drive value from data and technology investments
  • What big data means to them
  • How to improve customer interactions with the data that is available.

Organizations need to understand that evolution and growth of data sources along with improvements in analytics technology present new and unique opportunities to deliver business value.

Accelerating your journey towards becoming insights-driven

Our Analytics Accelerator helps organizations to make a step change in their journey to becoming an insights-driven organization. The Analytics Accelerator delivers immediate benefits from analytics, supported by a vision and roadmap for driving long term business value.

We work with organizations to develop a prioritized list of analytical opportunities and their benefits, create working analytical proof of concepts that are tailored to your needs. With a clear vision model and future roadmap, we provide a clear operating model and plan that will help drive value from analytics.

Benefits delivered

We collaborate with you using an agile delivery methodology, working with you to bring in the expertise to help achieve your analytics vision. Our expertise in delivering large scale analytics ensure that we are able to:

  • Embed a “micro” analytics capability: deliver a tangible proof of concept that you are able to grow and demonstrate the value of analytics for your organization
  • Quantify the future opportunity: deliver client specific analytics use cases and a formal business case to define the value and benefits of future analytical initiatives
  • Define an analytical vision & roadmap: a clear direction for analytics within the organization and the roadmap to achieve the vision
  • Deliver a call to action: so your organization continues its analytical journey beyond the Analytics Accelerator engagement.

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