Poorly organized and antiquated data is often responsible for bad decisions, lost opportunities and increased costs. Capgemini’s Data Quality strategy improves your data and processes, providing you with a reliable information landscape.

Quality data leads to smarter decisions

Our data quality strategy cleans up the information in your database, helping you understand the source of information inaccuracies. Decision-making based on accurate data can lead to:

  • Increased opportunities for your business, thanks to precise identification information
  • More stable revenue because of correct lifecycle information
  • Decreased costs as a result of exact operational information.

By covering all aspects of the data lifecycle, we can help you:

  • Improve data inventory processes
  • Ensure source system modifications through staff training
  • Enrich third-party data, including outbound calling campaign management
  • Profile data for better identification information
  • Cleanse technical data and archive dated information
  • Support information quality during data migration.

In partnership with Informatica, we also offer our Data-Quality-as-a-Service, giving you the benefits of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), yet is completely customizable.

Making your data deliver results

A successful data quality strategy involves understanding the value of your enterprise data and how to use it effectively. To ensure your strategy is appropriate for your business, we can undertake the following steps:

  • Audit your business information for its current quality and value
  • Introduce benchmarks for assessing quality against the value of your business information
  • Identify key areas where quality improvements could help you make better decisions while focusing on return on investment.

Delivering successful data quality strategies

Capgemini has over 30 years of experience creating data quality strategies that give our clients a sustained competitive advantage.  Our fully industrialized data quality factory delivers results locally or via our centralized Center of Excellence in India. Our strong partnerships with leading technology vendors, such as InformaticaIBM  and SAS provide valuable resources and knowledge in this area.

To find out more, contact Ron MacDonald or write to us at insights.global@capgemini.com.