Digital First Notice of Loss Utility

Claims Intake is one of the most important customer touchpoints in Insurance

As the World Insurance Report 2018 from Capgemini showed, insurers can put customers first by improving digital agility across customer touchpoints, including claims intake and processing.

The First Notice of Loss (FNOL), the first step in claims processing, is one of the most important touchpoints in insurance. By providing a convenient and transparent claims intake, carriers can help convert customers into loyalists.

For most carriers, FNOL is usually a manual, call center-based service requiring extensive data gathering. However, this increases a carrier’s operational costs as well as cycle time.

Digital FNOL Utility increases a carrier’s agility and efficiency

Capgemini’s Digital FNOL Utility solution for personal auto and small commercial segments transforms claim intake by providing an end-to-end digital omnichannel claims experience, thereby enabling carriers to cut costs and settle claims quicker.

Digital FNOL leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation, as well as bring in pre-integrated InsurTech partner capabilities, to enable automated damage estimation, fraud detection and claim validation.

Customers are provided self-service capabilities through multiple channel options, while call center agents receive a modern interaction management platform.

Digital FNOL increases the volume of claims intake through digital channels, while optimizing the unit cost for non-digital channels through our leading Business Services team.

Benefits include:

  • Enhanced operational efficiency and agility
  • Reduction in claim intake-related expenses
  • Quicker claims settlement
  • Increased customer retention
  • Improved loss ratio

Why Capgemini

Digital FNOL brings together our leading Insurance Industry Practice which has delivered FNOL technology implementations and services for many large US insurers; the Invent team, with their digital customer experience expertise; and our world class Business Services team to handle contact center operations. With our proven assets and accelerators, we can accelerate your Digital FNOL journey and quickly deliver value to your business.

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