The practical road to becoming a highly Agile Enterprise

17 February 2022 from 14:00 – 17:30 CET

7 abilities to increase your enterprise Agility

After the successful launch of Applications Unleashed report on Sept 23, we are happy to invite you to a deep-dive session on Thursday, February 17, from 14:00-17:30 CET on the topic most of you have shown interest on.

During this event, we will have nine different breakout sessions, where we will underpin seven abilities that need to be transformed to increase your enterprise’s agility, continuously anticipate your customers’ and markets’ needs, and deliver ahead of their expectations and competitors.

Agenda for the session:

  • Welcome by Ron Tolido, CTO, Capgemini Insights & Data Global Business Line
  • Introduction by Esmee van de Giessen, Capgemini Agile Coach
  • Evolving into an excellent performing organisation with continuous focus on our future travelers by our expert guest speaker, Ivo Steffens, Commercial Director NS Reizigers


  • Teams (break-out 1): Highly Agile enterprises don’t need teams!
  • Teams (break-out 2): Create a Winning Team!
  • Enabler: How architects help DevOps teams to be successful?
  • Product: What really owning a product looks like?
  • Culture: Real leaders enable agile culture.
  • Organization (break-out 1): One size does not fit all when going for an agile organization.
  • Organization (break-out 2): HR for Agile and agile HR: How can HR advance agility and become more agile itself?
  • Partnership: When I contract agile I always receive, what I expect to receive?
  • DevOps: Craft a flow to make your team hover and go.
  • Closing Session by our inspirational speaker, Esther Vergeer

This is an excellent opportunity for you to discuss the challenges and learn the best practices from our practical experiences.

We have limited seats for this event, so hurry up and register soon. Registration details for breakouts will be shared shortly.
Note: This is an online event, hosted by Kido Koenig and will be conducted in English.



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