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Inventive IT accelerates the digital revolution of your IT to position your business to thrive and innovate on digitalisation.

IT today must be the enabler of future business innovation, informed data-driven insights, reimagined customer experience, and technology empowered sustainability ambitions – at speed and scale.

We empower IT to be the driver of sustainable and ambitious change. With Inventive IT, our clients generate transparent business value on their digital journey by simultaneously transforming the IT landscape and the operating models that connect business and IT realities. We achieve this through a purpose-driven strategy, a smart use of the organisation’s ecosystem, and new ways of working.

What is Inventive IT?

Inventive IT is a business-led and IT-driven end-to-end transformation that powers business value and enables innovation, data-driven insights, reimagined customer experience and technology empowered sustainability – at speed and scale.

By transforming your strategy, operating models, and technology, you can achieve game-changing business results, from innovative new products and reduced time to market, to increased customer engagement, while ensuring a positive working experience with your IT

“Being ‘good’ is not good enough anymore! IT today must be the enabler of change and driver of innovation. It’s time to accelerate your IT digital revolution with Inventive IT!”

Armin Haffner, Global Lead for Inventive IT, Capgemini Invent

Our approach

Our unique combination of strategists, designers, technology experts and data specialists enables our clients to not only envision what’s next and what’s possible but to bring ideas to life to shape the future of business. We empower clients to generate business value across each stage of their digital journey.

Inventive IT Strategy

Think digital and embrace technology-driven business models to transition to an era of innovation. #ClearVision

  • Frame your IT, cloud, and technology innovation strategy
  • Generate your technology-driven business model

Purpose-driven IT Transformation

Build an agile, efficient, and sustainable IT organisation that is solution-oriented, product-centric, and capability-driven. #DigitiseMe

  • Scale agile across your IT organisation
  • Create a future-proof IT target operating model
  • Design, set up and scale digital factories
  • Enable business value delivery through tangible IT steering
  • Optimise IT cost sustainably

Competitive Capabilities

Empower talent to activate new ways of working and a high-performance culture #SuperheroSquad

  • Foster digital leadership and talent while pursuing continuous learning
  • Manage IT ecosystems through smart sourcing

Bullet-proof Technology

Build trust and resilience with a trustworthy and sovereign IT approach. #SafetyFirst

  • Leverage transparency by establishing digital identity
  • Ensure compliance with trustworthy & sovereign IT

Accelerated Technology Innovation

Accelerate business-driven digitalisation with the right combination of cloud, platforms, and data-driven architecture. #InventiveAtCore

  • Make cloud a success
  • Move towards a platform-based and data-driven architecture
  • Empower employees with digital workplace solutions


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