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Industry Net Zero Accelerator

Representing nearly 30% of global GHG emissions, reaching Net Zero in manufacturing and value chains will be one of the most critical and most difficult challenges of our times.

Capgemini has been co-leading the launch of the Industry Net Zero Accelerator Initiative in collaboration with the World Economic Forum, Siemens, Rockwell Automation and Cambridge Industrial Innovation Policy (Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge) – an exceptional collaboration with a growing community of +20 industry leaders, technology specialists and academia experts to drive actionable solutions for industrial decarbonisation.

The initiative aims to establish a cross-industry space under the World Economic Forum’s neutral platform to guide industry leaders’ strategical action, and support and scale systemic collaborations to solve the concrete challenges in the path towards Net Zero.

Industry Net Zero Accelerator Initiative – white paper

The “No-Excuse” Framework to Accelerate the Path to
Net-Zero Manufacturing and Value Chains