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Digital Global Enterprise Model

A digital business transformation platform that delivers the Frictionless Enterprise.

Capgemini’s renowned Digital Global Enterprise Model (D-GEM) platform encompasses the tools and techniques for reshaping and streamlining your business processes to deliver increased efficiency, faster time to market, and an enhanced, customer-first, user experience. In turn this enables your organisation to transition to – what we call – the Frictionless Enterprise.

By dynamically adapting to your organisation’s circumstances to address each and every point of friction in your business operations, D-GEM enables your organisation to augment its technology and processes, as well as changing the culture and mindset to reduce inefficiencies to a minimum.

Achieving operational excellence in the digital age

In short, D-GEM provides a complete overview of your processes, guiding the right digital operating model for your organisation and accelerating the transition to frictionless, future-proof processes in a systematic and structured way. This enables you to remain competitive in a rapidly changing, digital business context.

The application of our D-GEM platform enables us to respond rapidly to your changing requirements and deliver specific business outcomes in a value-focused way. This helps shape the future of your organisation’s business operations across five key areas: Intelligence, Workforce, Proximity, Controls, and Technology.

The Frictionless Enterprise-blockchain for the supply chain

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