Breaking barriers, building bridges

Anis Chenchah
Anis Chenchah,
CEO, Business Services

Welcome to this special edition of Innovation Nation. This edition focuses on how we implement ways to detect, prevent, and overcome frictions in our clients’ business operations, delivering enhanced business outcomes in a value-focused way. This enables our clients to move towards realizing – what we call – “The Frictionless Enterprise.”

Through the articles in this special edition, the Business Services leadership explains the concept of the Frictionless Enterprise and how we are leveraging our latest thinking, organizational design, and intelligent solutions to achieve our goal of delivering effortless, touchless, and “frictionless” operations for our clients.

We also hear from our practices on the role automated, best-in-class finance and accounting, supply chain, and human resources processes can play in responding rapidly to our clients’ changing requirements, to deliver a more resilient, frictionless future.

Anis Chenchah, CEO, Business Services

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