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Digital Continuity with Obbligato PLM

Get seamless transition of product data from engineering to manufacturing, document management, cost management, project management, and data leakage prevention.

In an era of digital continuity, product data is still often managed in data silos of ALM, PLM, ERP and legacy systems that are only partially, if at all integrated. Secure and efficient access to consistent and up-to-date product data over the entire product lifecycle is clearly needed. PLM is an enabler for Industry 4.0 because it integrates the development of products, production, and services. Using PLM in collaborative processes has become increasingly important to harness the power of data to foster innovation, make new and differentiated “smart” products, improve supply chains, create new customer experiences, and deliver new sources of value.

As a world leader in technology consulting, IT, engineering and R&D services, Capgemini is uniquely positioned to work with clients across the end-to-end value chain of Intelligent Industry, from the business models, to products, operations, and services.

Discovering Obbligato PLM

Obbligato, the PLM platform, has strong bill of materials (BOM) management capabilities and features covering the product conceptualisation, engineering, and manufacturing phases of the product lifecycle. Obbligato has a solid architecture, which provides clients with a user-intuitive interface that is designed to configure easily and functions according to business needs. It has loosely coupled architecture that connects the user to echo systems in order to exchange product data and manage traceability of the product.

Overall product manufacturing processes, such as BOM and bill of process (BOP), can be seamlessly managed in the Obbligato PLM.