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Building a creative org

To scale innovation and succeed with transformative experiences, your business must be organized around its customers, and your teams empowered with the right structures, processes and tools.

To be a true customer-first organisation, you need the ability to scale innovation from within. We help organisations tap into their creativity and use human-centered design to become more customer centric, more innovative, and more agile.

Companies that adopt design thinking principles are empowered to organize and activate their teams around customers, delivering continuous value over time. True customer centricity requires the maturity and intelligence to nurture relationships as they evolve, as well as the insights and freedom required to take risks before the market demands it.

Our holistic view of change enables companies to uncover and overcome organisational, operational, and cultural barriers to success. Through Organisation Design strategies and DesignOps frameworks, we help clients grow their internal design capabilities and build a culture of innovation to achieve true customer-centricity.

“It’s no longer enough to manage change — winning teams need the resilience to constantly change. We partner with clients to build change capacity.”

Linda Quarles, Executive Director, Org Design and Strategy at frog, part of Capgemini Invent

What we do

Achieve customer-centricity by transforming your organisation through human-centered design

We help our clients understand their readiness to support transformation and scale innovation. How? By assessing their internal structures, processes, behaviors and mindsets.

Using human-centered design tools alongside tailored frameworks and workshops, we identify opportunities and areas for improvement to better achieve business goals. We produce actionable recommendations for new strategies, systems, processes, skills and capabilities and develop a roadmap to challenge the status quo and succeed with change.

By putting customers and employees at the heart of organisation design, we enable clients to accelerate innovation, empower internal design teams, reshape culture and operations, improve employee experience, and achieve transformation at scale.

Empower and grow internal design teams and capabilities to drive customer-centric innovation

Effective design and design operations are core to orchestrate differentiated customer experiences, scale innovation, and amplify creativity to delight your customers.

Using the DesignOps methodology, we help clients to elevate design within their organisation. We start with an assessment to understand structures, processes and needs. We then partner with clients to create systems, methods, processes, behaviors, mindsets and tools to accelerate and scale the internal design capabilities that already exist within their organisation.

DesignOps helps our clients address design purpose, talent, processes, enabling technology, and organisational structure. This ensures alignment behind a customer-centric vision and accelerates innovation to support that vision.


frog, part of Capgemini Invent, drives customer-centric transformations at scale through innovative and human-centric design work.

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