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Moving from traditional SAP architectures to SAP S/4 HANA is more than an upgrade. It’s a major transition, and a necessary response to the digital transformation of business.

An effective move to SAP S/4 HANA means creating a new Digital Core for your organisation – a next-generation platform that’s simple, that’s comprehensive, and that will evolve with your growing needs.

We leverage this platform to deliver on the promise of what we call ‘the Renewable Enterprise’, a company able to constantly grow and adapt. We bring together the technology, the process and the operating model to sustain digital transformation and enable high speed innovation while protecting mission critical applications that run the business. It is designed to put the User Experience at the centre and uses modern approaches such as AI and embedded analytics, DevOps, Cloud architecture, APIs and Microservices to help our clients ‘renew’ themselves, unlock business value and outpace competition.

Listen-in to the discussion between Alex Bulat, Amitabh Dubey and Keylor Acosta on how they weigh in on ‘what is intelligent enterprise?’ plus their predictions of what they expected to hear during #SAPPHIRENOW and ASUG 2019. Click below to listen now!

Digital Core with S/4 HANA is our comprehensive offer to help clients migrate their existing complex SAP landscapes to the latest modern, simplified, technology-charged SAP landscape. This move will allow clients to unleash the power of new digital technologies to evolve their businesses and processes. The offer consists of 2 sub-offers – Highway to S/4 and Intelligent/Renewable enterprise;

  • Highway to SAP S/4 HANA provides a modern, rapid and painless move from older generation SAP systems to S/4 HANA. Moving to S/4 HANA is the first step to enabling your enterprise to become an Intelligent enterprise.
  • Intelligent Enterprise encompasses a renewable form of the enterprise that harnesses the S Curve of Innovation by reinvigorating SAP landscapes through digital Innovation-enabling technologies like AI/ML/Analytics/IOT/ Block Chain, Customer Experience and Supply chain. This forms the basis of a Renewable enterprise, powered by data and driven by people, that is ready for the future and better adapted to the fast paced, ever-changing and intensely competitive environments that companies face today.

We help companies get to the best value solutions whether it be for a specific line of business, across LOBs of the company or for company-wide transformations. As organisations today respond to intensely changing competitive landscapes, we proactively reimagine and help you re-engineer your business for the future!

Capgemini is at the forefront of providing the best expertise to help you get there – with our iCaptivate methodology; an innovative, experienced and creative workforce; a suite of predefined solutions including several solutions pre-certified by SAP; and a deep partnership with SAP, we are our customers’ best bet to accelerate their journey to S/4 HANA and to become the intelligent renewable enterprise of tomorrow, today!

We’re at the beginning of a huge wave. We’re ready! Are you?

What Are Our Experts Saying About Digital Core

Sivakumar Subramanian - Digital Core Offer Lead, Capgemini

"So when we talk to customers and say now you have a variety of options to move the innovations to the edge and keeping your core design very standard, very simple and actually future proof the standard solutions. So that's an interesting conversation with the client when you ask them to think differently to simplify the core but moving the innovations to the edge."

Valery Smague - Portfolio Lead, SAP Center of Excellence in Europe, Capgemini

"SAP was mainly focused on business-to-business and extending, let's say the digital partners and suppliers, partners and customers. But what we are now with this innovative technology, is the ability to include even more to be consumer-centric. Where you can have an end-to-end process that fully includes the customers."

Get the Best Out of SAP’s S/4HANA® Transformation. We offer a complete range of modular SAP S/4HANA services built on deep experience and real-world success.

Capgemini highway to SAP S/4HANA® – Your opportunity to transform your business

Capgemini highway to SAP S/4HANA® – Your opportunity to transform your business

Help customers get the best and most out of S/4HANA: Highway to S/4HANA is focused on various...

Meet Your Digital Core Experts

David Lowson

Expert in ERP Implementation, Package Solutions


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