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TechnoVision 2021 – Applying TechnoVision

TechnoVision 2021 is a tool to help your employees tell their Technology Business story – and you can apply a series of engaging tools to help your organization think about future trends in information technology.

Covid-19 has brought significant change to everyone and everything – and so it is with our application of TechnoVision 2021. We normally apply TechnoVision in a lively workshop setting, such as our Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) labs or our Accelerated Solution Environment (ASE) environments.

However, these are not normal times – and so we need to apply TechnoVision differently this year. Thankfully, the very nature of TechnoVision means our analysis of technology trends in business can be applied easily within a virtual setting. Let’s explore how.

The first thing you’ll need to do is to understand TechnoVision 2021. Think about what the technology trends identified in the report mean for the challenges your business faces.

TechnoVision 2021 categorises technology drivers into six core containers that cover the ‘what’ of Technology Business trends.

Two core containers cover trends in the foundational building areas of infrastructure and applications. Two more form the spine of any innovative IT organisation, data and process. The final two containers cover channels to the outside world, experiences and collaboration.

One final container of overarching design principles – Balance by Design – offers a checklist for a well-balanced Technology Business that should be kept in mind at all times.

Understanding these containers means reading and digesting the 37 building blocks that describe the key technology trends in these core areas. These building blocks are all described in crisp, one-page summaries.

Once your team understands the technology trends, use cases and potential impacts, it’s time to think about how to create a Technology Business story for your own organisation.

Applying TechnoVision 2021 to your business context

TechnoVision is typically applied according to the following steps: the team is introduced to the future trends in technology and innovation; business challenges are described; components are studied and discussed; storylines are crafted; and the findings are reported.

Blending technology trends with business challenges across this series of steps means your organisation creates a Technology Business story that everyone can contribute to and benefit from.

Applying TechnoVision is all about helping your employees to get creative. Remember that all TechnoVision 2021 components are publicly available online.

While social distancing makes it impossible to run face-to-face workshops, the various steps for applying TechnoVision 2021 can all be achieved using virtual tools. Generally speaking, the more tailored the materials, the more successful the virtual session is likely to be.

Web-conferencing software – including Webex, Zoom or Microsoft Teams – can be used for the presenting duties, such as introducing the business challenge, studying the key TechnoVision components, and reporting the findings.

If you want to dive deeper, then online group discussions can also be organised with collaborative brainstorming and ideation tools, such as Stormz, Klaxoon and Mural.

Want to kick-start a debate? Then how about Kanban-style “cards” that refer to various components of TechnoVision 2021?

If you want to use a toolset that everyone is familiar with, then Microsoft PowerPoint slides are another way to help people get involved with the discussion.

When it comes to bringing your findings together, bear in mind that working virtually is very much the new normal. We’ve all spent a year collaborating online, so put those well-honed skills to use and encourage teams to use cloud-based collaboration tools to produce your Technology Business story.

For those of you that long for a physical approach, don’t forget that our 37 trends can be turned into colorful, real-life cardboard boxes. Each box contains a short elevator pitch of a trend and a QR code for more detailed content.

The box designs are available for free, so you can print the boxes in your own home to use in a virtual setting with others as you collaborate and build your Business Technology story.

This is your time. Use the emerging technology and business trends in TechnoVision to help your employees get creative and share ideas. We can’t wait to hear your stories.

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