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Selection Process

You are then given the opportunity to answer 4 digital interview questions. Don’t worry we won’t be watching these so you can relax and hopefully enjoy the experience.

We hope that you find our demo helpful and it helps prepare you for our assessment process. We understand that there is little opportunity to speak to someone until you reach assessment centre stage, so if you would like to speak with us please do get in touch with us at and we will would happily arrange time to talk.Please allow statistical cookies to see this Youtube embed

Step  1 : Your Application

Your application form is your first chance to impress! Take the time to complete it fully, answering the few questions to the best of your ability. Evidence that you have done your research into Capgemini and the role you are applying to. This is also a great opportunity to tell us more about yourself and what you feel you can bring to our diverse organisation. We look forward to hearing your story.

Step 2 : Your Strengths

You will be sent a series of typical scenarios you may encounter in your role at Capgemini. We want to know how you would respond in these scenarios and will ask you to prioritise your responses from a list of multiple options. This will tell us whether you would enjoy working at Capgemini and whether you have the overall strengths to be successful here. As well as being a great assessment tool, you will have have a great preview for you of some of the things you might end up doing with us. You’ll receive a personalised feedback report which gives you your top three strengths, and some advice for how you might want to further develop these. You’ll receive this whether you’re successful or unsuccessful, and the                  outcome will follow shortly afterwards.Please note, this is not a timed assessment.

Step 3 : Digital Interview

During this exciting stage of our process you shall have the opportunity to demonstrate your capabilities using real-life scenarios. This engaging digital experience will allow you to view Capgemini in a different light and we shall be taking you on a journey and sharing with you some exciting resources such as videos, photos, infographics and case studies. Immerse yourself in this unique Capgemini experience and be prepared to showcase yourself using different methods (multiple choice, essay and video questions etc). Our tip to you is to remember to revisit our website and keep up to date with the current trends in our industry. Also, be prepared to share why you want to work for Capgemini and why you think you are right for the role you have selected. Relax and be yourself.

Step 4 : Let’s Meet

Our assessment centres are focussed around your strengths, and how you demonstrate these. You’ll complete a number of different activities during the half day event. This will also require you to think about why you’re so excited about the opportunity at Capgemini. We also hope that your experience provides you with an insight into what life could be like as a Capgemini Graduate.

Step 5 : Your Capgemini story begins

What happens if I am unsuccessful at any stage?

Due to the high volume of applications received, we are unable to provide feedback at every stage of our process. We do try to let you know the outcome of each stage as quickly as possible, often via email, so please check regularly for messages from our recruitment team. The stages at which we are able to provide you with individual feedback is if you complete our Situational Strengths Test (SST) and if you attend an assessment centre.Candidates who complete our SST will receive a personalised feedback report and candidates who attend an assessment centre will all receive feedback over the phone within a 2 week period of attending.