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Economic Application Portfolio Management offering on AWS

Mastering the old to move to the new

When it comes to formulating a move-to-cloud strategy, having a clear picture of the full IT landscape, its current state, how its serves the business and associated costs are essential to unlock the full business benefits of such a move. A well orchestrated migration to the cloud will not just reduce IT costs but also deliver greater value to the business in terms of increased agility, flexibility, security, and performance. In addition, migrating to the cloud is also being recognised as a key contribution of enterprises toward a greener planet, thanks to the better utilisation of computing resources and greater energy efficiencies of hyperscalers like AWS.

eAPM offering from Capgemini See a smarter path forward and elevate your cloud strategy

eAPM (economic Application Portfolio Management) is a cloud assessment and data driven decision-making framework that delivers a solid foundation on which you can base your cloud strategy in as little as 8 weeks. eAPM allows an analysis of the full IT landscape in order to help you shape your cloud strategy. The offering aggregates the relevant data from various sources and provides different lenses to analyse it in order to model and secure a transformation scenario addressing a CIO’s primary needs. eAPM is powered by a SaaS analysis and decision-making platform that brings together business, technology and cost dimensions in an integrated, visual way so that you can better analyse the impact of the cloud transformation and on-board stakeholders. It has been recognised by Gartner and Forrester as a unique asset in the market.

eAPM incorporates a powerful AI-enabled rules engine based on decision trees to determine the best migration path (or not) per application, incorporating your decision criteria. Using a structured, data-driven approach to optimise the migration process will help you simplify the complex decisions and find the right balance between “lift-and-shift” and redeployment to maximise business value.

eAPM together with our cloud migration experts build the migration waves and the business case. We support you through the process of migration preparation and migration leveraging our Cloud Migration Factory offering.


A comprehensive assessment for start of the migration

Secure transformation In-depth assessment of the application portfolio covering business & technology dimensions, delivering a migration project plan together with a fact-based business case.Accelerate the cloud migration journey Contextualised, automated decision trees for workload centric assessment to identify the best target for each application and build the migration waves for a flying start of the project.
Onboard and align all the stakeholders A comprehensive view of the landscape from infra to business capabilities to analyse all the transformation impacts and onboard the corresponding stakeholders.  Move toward a more sustainable IT Ensure IT contributes its share to corporate sustainability goals while reducing operational costs by measuring energy efficiency & quantifying CO2 emission reduction as a result of cloud migration.

Capgemini’s eAPM offering in alliance with AWS

Take control of your move-to-AWS journey: By integrating AWS pricing catalogue and AWS Migration Evaluator (formerly TSO Logic), eAPM secures your move-to-AWS by delivering a migration project plan together with a fact-based business case, including target run cost in a post cloud assessment custom report for a flying start of the migration.

Deliverables of the Engagement

A full-stack view of the application portfolio Discovery data is imported to eAPM & aggregated from heterogeneous sources and completed via questionnaires to deliver a 360° full-stack view of the entire application portfolio.Transformation Scenario Simulation Define and model transformation scenarios of the IT portfolio so that you can visualise the future portfolio & the ROI before deciding on the best-fit option.  
Applications ID Card An application summary describing the application characteristics and illustrating the application’s migration path to the cloud.High-level Business-Case Integrating the service catalogue from AWS, eAPM provides an estimation of the migration cost and run cost of servers in AWS to identify lower TCO.

The holistic and thorough preparation provided by Capgemini ensures a successfully executed migration that delivers a strong ROI and business enabled transformation. We control acceleration by eliminating waste at every step; lower the impact on business operations; and provide high levels of automation and economies of scales to deliver greater cost optimisation. The migration itself is enhanced by the Capgemini Cloud Migration Factory, which executes any migration type—any platform in, any platform out—combining the expertise of our teams and a fully automated, robotic tool chain. The Cloud Migration Factory supports all Capgemini projects and is fully unit-priced to optimise costs. The factory also allows us to streamline a large percentage of migration testing which is key to ensuring the continuation of services. In addition, strong governance and reporting from start to finish helps ensure the transparency of the process and enables to govern and manage risks more effectively.

Case Study: Global Business Information Services Company

Challenges The client had divested its financial and risk business segment which required them to move their software products and applications and exit the datacentres of the divested entity within 24-month period. In parallel, the client was pursuing a cloud-first strategy for all newly developed products with AWS being its preferred cloud platform. Client had complexities of a highly federated organisation in which the technology could not fail because the technology was its business, and there was a complex supplier ecosystem that mapped to several hundred market products and software applications.         Solution Capgemini took data driven cloud assessment and migration approach with eAPM and performed a thorough Discovery exercise across 14,000 servers and almost 1000 applications using an automated discovery tool that provided the required data and did not impact the operational network latency. The solid foundation of data helped in modelling the migration planning exercise working with the product owners using decision tree simulations. This approach allowed us to reach consensus across the federated organisation on a migration plan detailing the migration pattern for each Product silo and how Capgemini, also running the migration program office and assurance services, would work with various Application Partners to validate and drive the completion of the program. Capgemini was also responsible for lift & shift and replatform patterns. Results Migration was successfully completed 3 months ahead of the schedule, thanks to our data led migration approach. In addition, the success of this program was also due to our client relationship, our experience in large scale cloud transformation and a pragmatic and collaborative approach. Capgemini’s cloud migration capability is a highly automated process which sped up deployment, testing and teardown of Infra thereby resulting in 30% faster turnaround in the migration cycle. The programme has been a great testimony to team working between Capgemini, AWS, customer and other IT partners.        

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