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Capgemini named a Leader in the ISG Provider Lens™ Service Integration and Management report

Capgemini is a 2020 Leader in Service Integration and Management and IT Service Management

ISG recognises Capgemini as a leader in Service Integration and Management (SIAM) and states the company “sees service integration and management as a Digital Enabler. With Agile methods and a strong DevOps approach, it extends its digital ecosystem transformation initiative, supporting U.S. clients to quickly capture the value of Digital SIAM. While supporting operations, the company enables a client to report optimal business results.” ISG’s report illustrates the importance of Service Integration and Management for CIOs and IT departments as fundamental pillars of every digital-transformation strategy.

Capgemini aligns business and IT and its business decision-making to focus on business outcomes, and is backed by the capabilities to achieve those objectives. Capgemini helps clients improve the quality and consistency of IT service, and to streamline and govern IT operations, thus enabling or accelerating the cloud journey. Delivering IT-driven business services is the foundation for agility and a successful digital transformation strategy, which is required to meet new customer expectations and deliver great experiences.

According to ISG: “Capgemini’s ServiceNow offering enables its clients to deliver new levels of competitive differentiators through the extensive use of emerging technologies.”

ISG ranked Capgemini as a leader after evaluating portfolio attractiveness and competitive strength across four key business areas and service integration with ServiceNow. It highlighted Capgemini’s strengths in each area:

  • Business Value & Service Management
  • Service Operation & Delivery
  • Service Design & Transition
  • Services Information Management
  • System Integrators for ServiceNow Products

Download the ISG report now

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