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Valencia Health Agency Optimizes Economic and Logistics Management of Central Services and Health Departments

Capgemini collaborates with Autonomous Community of Valencia Health Agency to implement the Orión Logis Department Application within the framework of the Health Information Systems revamping plan

“ Thanks to this project we have revamped and improved our logistics department management procedures by doing away with hard copy order forms. ”Rosanna Sabater, Planning & Coordination Service, Valencia Health Agency

The Situation

One of Valencia Health Agency’s strategic actions, as part of the Health Information Systems revamping plan, is the implementation of the Orión Logis project as a system integrating the Central Services Economic Management, Procurement and Logistics Departments and the Health Departments. The following objectives are set under this strategy:

  • implement an application ensuring the use of standard business processes
  • make it possible to readily adapt to the sector’s special needs
  • unify department management to better calculate management indicators
  • facilitate integration with other Valencia Health Service or particular department management systems (such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), automated warehouses, product catalogs, patient information system, and official medical association registry).

The Solution

To meet these objectives, Capgemini recommended that Valencia Health Agency implements the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Oracle eBusiness Suite (OeBS). This application makes it possible to cover centralized catalog, contracting, procurement and invoicing, warehouse management, and fixed asset and maintenance files, making their optimization possible through the use of standard processes adapted to Valencia Health Agency’s specific needs.

The model chosen is centralized implementation, guaranteeing secure, precise access to the information, ensuring information integrity and making it possible for this information to be shared among everyone in the organization. In turn, it has a suite of integrations with Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) standards, facilitating integration with all of the other Valencia Health Agency systems also involved in the management processes. 

The Result

Implementing the Orión Logis project has enabled Valencia Health Agency to avail of a centralized management solution such that:

  • management processes are standardized
  • a single item of data is maintained when mining information
  • centralized contracts can be managed
  • integration with other systems is facilitated
  • evolution is facilitated, on a standard, centralized solution
  • the solution can readily be adapted to future needs.

From the standpoint of the Departments, the solution provides the following benefits:

  • availing of one single department management information application
  • reducing “hard copy” correspondence to the benefit of electronic communication (such as EDI, requests by staff, corrective maintenance requests)
  • real-time logistics status monitoring, reducing stocks and minimizing incidents due to stock running out.

Some of the data reflecting the degree of implementation are as follows:

  • Central Services and six Departments already implemented, plus two medium-to-long-stay hospitals and two healthcare institutions
  • 2,000 users
  • 80,000 pharmaceutical products and items stocked
  • 700 warehouses (hospitals and healthcare centers)
  • 1,800 order lines daily
  • 13,000 consumption movements daily.