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The Department for Education uses robotics to enhance responsiveness to customer emails

In collaboration with Capgemini, the Department for Education designs and implements an RPA solution to more effectively identify and respond to incoming queries.

Few ministerial departments have quite as much of an impact on the people of England as the Department for Education (DfE), which is responsible for children’s services and education from early years through higher education and apprenticeships. The DfE supports the general schooling of children,teens, and young adults in its constant pursuit of a vision to provide world-class education, training, and care for anyone regardless of background.

In addition,the department handles children at risk or extremism messages, meaning that every correspondence potentially has serious consequences. Considering the scope of its work and the size of its ambition, the DfE must handle logistic challenges on a daily basis and requires the best available talent and technology to succeed.

Client challenge

The Ministerial and Public Communications Division (MPCD) at the Department for Education wanted to improve its ability to respond to email enquiries more rapidly and accurately through the implementation of automated processes.


By partnering with Capgemini, the Department for Education developed and implemented a best-in-class RPA solution that processes incoming emails for more rapid follow up.


  • Reduced waiting time for customers
  • More resources dedicated to front line support
  • Greater email processing accuracy
  • Increased productivity and faster completion of the allocation process
  • Faster allocation of Freedom Of Information requests and child at risk emails
  • Reduction of operation costs

Read the full case study by clicking download below.

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