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Client Stories

Syndicat des Transports d’Île-de-France Goes Digital

Capgemini employs Business Information Management to digitize public transport body’s ticketing system and provide greater planning power

The Situation

Syndicat des Transports d’Île-de-France (STIF), which operates the public transport network for Paris and the greater Île-de-France region, decided to digitize its entire ticketing system and stop printing paper tickets for passengers. However, this move led to a huge increase in electronic data which the organization needed to manage and take advantage of in order to improve public transport services for Île-de-France’s 12 million inhabitants.

STIF launched a project called SIDV (Systeme d’Information pour l’exploitation des Donnees de Validation Telebilletiques), and approached Capgemini to build an information system to analyze all of its public transport data, which it did from the end of 2006 until August 2010. The IT services provider was then hired for an Application Maintenance contract which runs from September 2010 until August 2013. Capgemini was selected because of its expertise in Business Information Management (BIM), its deep knowledge of the public transport sector, and its offer of the best combination of solution, consultant profiles and pricing. Moreover, it successfully implemented a Proof of Concept with strict requirements to convince STIF it had the right partner.

The Solution

Capgemini collaborated with IBM® and Teradata to build the solution using Cognos® software for analysis and planning. One of the first of its kind in the world, the information system enables the transport body to unify an enormous volume of public transport operators’ data, and quickly analyze it for a variety of purposes. These range from setting pricing policies, allocating operators and suppliers, and monitoring service quality to modernizing infrastructure and planning urban transport. It also allows STIF to define its own key performance indicators (KPIs) rather than using transport operators’ subjective indicators. The solution was also designed to reduce costs, avoid conducting transport surveys, analyze journeys and commuters’ habits, analyze bus efficiency, and give STIF an overview of transport logistics.

The Result

With SIDV, STIF now has more accurate passenger data, giving it a greater insight into the needs of transport users. This detailed information has contributed to STIF taking decisions to sign new contracts, put new bus lanes into service, and renovate stations. It also empowers the organization to plan for the future demands of the city of Paris. The capital’s citizens and tourists enjoy a better experience on Île-de-France’s public transport network. And STIF, being a non-profit body, can ensure that it gives the public even better value for money.