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Client Stories

Network wide SCADA System upgrade at a French gas distributor

Capgemini designed and deployed a large SCADA system covering 5000+ remote sites, overcoming legacy systems, interface and data migration issues – designing the system to be scalable and ‘future-proof’, without disrupting existing operations.

Our client is the distribution system operator for gas in France, responsible for delivering a safe and secure gas supply to customers. It needed to modernise its legacy industrial systems (SCADA), to monitor and supervise its remote 5000+ gas expansion stations that were spread through 195,000KM of the network, serving 11 million customers.

The client needed to reduce the number of incidents and improve operating times. Without disrupting the existing operations and impacting their customer service, it wanted to build a scalable and open platform that would address not only the existing stations but also add in future other facilities to the network, such as biomethane facilities.

Key outcomes:

  • No disruption to existing operations or end customers
  • Seamless integration of legacy and proprietary protocols at multiple remote sites
  • Harmonisation of data across the value chain ensuring it flowed smoothly into the SCADA system
  • A scalable and ‘future-proof’ system will enable the client to add new sites (from other renewal sources) seamlessly
  • The number of incidents and operating downtime time reduced significantly