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Client Stories

Major US Discount Retailer Builds an Intelligent Enterprise through Improved Business Information Management

Capgemini helps leading store chain unlock the potential of the massive volumes of data available from today’s data rich transactions with a holistic BIM program

The Situation

A major US discount retailer wanted to make better use of the volumes of data in its systems. The retailer set several goals: improved alignment in its data management program; more streamlined IT services and reporting for end users; and an updated IT infrastructure to improve flexibility and the company’s ability to scale and adapt to market change and end user needs.

The Solution

The company enlisted Capgemini’s help to develop a Business Information Management (BIM) strategy and roadmap to enhance information accessibility and usability. Using the Capgemini Intelligent Enterprise methodology, the key was to build a common shared vision across business and IT as to how information will be managed and used, and to put in place the key steps to achieving this vision.

The Result

A strong Intelligent Enterprise roadmap was built that provides a foundation for the company’s future information management needs:

  • a prioritized focus for the data management program
  • alignment of BIM capabilities to organizational change initiatives
  • a definition of a lifecycle model for maturing the data environment and progressively replacing it with new technology
  • a targeted low-cost and modular environment, which is flexible to change
  • an IT-managed and governed data environment that allows for business self-service.