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Client Stories

Gjensidige builds on 200 years of tradition and service with state-of-the art technology

Capgemini and IBM Watson help Gjensidige find the ‘voice of its customers’

Gjensidige is a leading Norwegian insurance company that has been providing peace of mind to its customers for over 200 years. Gjensidige offers life, health and asset insurance in both private and commercial sector in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Baltics. In Norway, the company also offers banking, pension and savings services.


Gjensidige saw a big potential in mining existing data from various operational sources in order to provide better and more streamlined services to its customers while at the same time increase the integrity, accessibility and confidentiality of the customer data. Gjensidige aimed at centralised control of collation. As the data was often stored as text, it was hard to collate, analyse, process and present. Furthermore, the data often featured difficult to understand insurance terms only manually available and not suitable for statistical analysis.


Capgemini was consulted and suggested to use IBM Watson technology to collect and analyse the maze of disparate data. IBM Watson Explorer was evaluated to be ideal for learning how to interpret specific phrases, terms, and problems and experiences described in the data. Gjensidige was then able to collate, analyse, learn and finally uncover vital information.

Gjensidige Customer Analytics team in collaboration with Capgemini trained Watson to read and analyse data from various disparate channels. The solution collated the vast amount of data and provided Gjensidige and Capgemini with clear, actionable information and insight.


On an overall level, the ability to uncover the ‘Voice of the Customer’ has helped Gjensidige management to better understand its customers, increase information quality and security and accordingly take necessary actions to improve their services. Analysis based on structured information combined with raw textual information, will enable Gjensidige to carefully measure customer opinion in order to prevent churn. The result will be better customer service and the customer experience. Through this project, Gjensidige has gained access to invaluable information hidden in its unstructured data.