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Capgemini and AWS accelerate aerospace’s digital transformation and shape a new, more sustainable circular model


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Aerospace and defence

Client Challenge:  With the aviation industry accounting for 3-4% of global emissions, and at least 800 aircraft being dismantled each year, the adoption of circular economy practices is becoming an important part of the sustainability strategy for aerospace manufacturers.
Solution: To maximize the reusability of parts, Capgemini and AWS developed an AI-powered platform that automates aircraft analysis and accelerate the process by 30-50%.

  • Powered by AI algorithms, the solution allows significantly more efficient document analysis
  • Increase reuse rate of manufactured parts with a goal of 20-25% goal
  • Provide experts with an integrated tool that supports comprehensive documentation and automated analysis for targeted steps, enabling better, faster decisions
  • By increasing the share of re-marketed parts and connecting all industry players through an integrated platform, the solution opens up new business opportunities for aerospace companies

“Our solution allows us to be more efficient when analyzing parts, with a time gain of 30-50%, and helps improve the reuse of parts.”

Ambre Seguelas
Product Owner at Capgemini
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    Aerospace and defence

    The aerospace and defence industry is tasked with meeting rising demand at a time of intense and ongoing disruption. But in the face of these complex challenges comes incredible opportunity.


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    Amazon Web Services

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    Lifecycle optimisation for aerospace

    Sustainability is a significant challenge for the industry, and there are a number of solutions and practices to consider to address this busine