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Desigual sets up B2B channel for multibrand stores and sales representatives

Capgemini is collaborating with one of the fashion industry leaders in developing and implementing a new relationship channel between the headquarters and its sales network worldwide

“ Capgemini’s experience has enabled us to develop an attractive and efficient channel for collaborating with our sales network within a very short time frame. ”Desigual

The Situation

Having been in business for only 26 years, Desigual is currently one of the fashion industry’s leaders. This multinational firm, headquartered in Barcelona, has over 200 brand stores plus also 7,000 multibrand points of sale and 1,700 corners in department stores, employing over 2,000 people worldwide.

Desigual has undergone non-stop growth since its foundation, having managed to double its forecasted growth over the past few years despite the difficult worldwide economic situation. To do so, it has converted its primary wholesale business into a retail channel, while also embarking upon a major internationalization process. The company now considers Europe its local market.

The Solution

This project started out with an analysis of the relationship processes between Desigual and its sales force,which used to be supported by a customized solution based on now outdated technology lacking functional coverage. Once the processes of the future model had been designed, Desigual and Capgemini decided to use the online market leader suite ATG as a framework.

The solution was designed to initially provide service for the sales representatives, and was then progressively expanded to multibrand clients. The scope covers the relationship processes between Desigual and its sales force: placing initial and fulfillment orders, real-time stock queries, and customer master data management, all ntegrated into the legacy management system.

One of the greatest advantages of this solution, which is a key asset for the return on investment, was gradually replacing the collections information, previously sent out to the sales representatives in hard copy format every six months, with a new virtual catalog and showroom. For this purpose, an innovative RIA (Rich Internet Application) technology was used, facilitating user experience in surfing through the catalog and minimizing the training required. One aspect worthy of special note is that this was the first time RIA-based front-end and ATG-based back-office had been integrated with one another in the Spanish market.

The Result

Once the chosen solution had been defined, solution building and customization started and extended over no more than five months, reaching the milestone of being up and running prior to autumn–winter season. This solution has been designed as an extension and expression of the brand and has met with great acceptance in the sales network. It is currently the unique channel for supplying the multibrand stores.