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Client Story

Barts health achieves stability and security with public cloud

Client: Barts Health NHS Trust
Region: UK
Sector: Public Sector

Capgemini supports deployment of the MS Azure Cloud solution, with unlimited cloud capacity and capability unlocking efficiencies, productivity gains, improving outcomes for patients, and providing a blueprint for other NHS Trusts.

Client Challenge: Barts Health wanted a fast, efficient, and seamless migration of core IT workloads into the cloud to lay the foundations for fully exploiting the potential of cloud computing.

Solution: Barts’ IT team worked with Capgemini, Microsoft, and VMware to develop new Azure VMware Solution (AVS) architecture that met its precise requirements and now represents Microsoft’s best practice reference architecture for all AVS deployments.


• Improved stability, resilience, and security of foundational platform

• Trust employees enabled to spend more time on high-value tasks

• Greater trust and confidence in 24/7 availability of core systems from healthcare professionals, enabling total focus on patient care

• Transformational increase in IT capacity and scalability providing Barts with access to the potential opportunities of the cloud