Capgemini has been an SAP-certified provider of solution implementation based on Run SAP since 2009 and, once again, its team has successfully regained certification on a global level. Run SAP is a phased methodology based on world-class knowledge. It is designed to provide best-practice procedures, content, services, training and tools for end-to-end solution operations, along with a standardised and proven implementation method. The Run SAP methodology focuses on application management, business process operations and administration of SAP solutions. The methodology describes how support should be implemented across the lifecycle design, set-up, operations and optimisation. In addition, with its best-practice documents for solution operations, it shows how to implement end-to-end solution operations for different SAP software-based business processes. As an integral part of SAP Enterprise Support services, Run SAP is a holistic support model designed to enable continuous improvement and successful operations.

Christophe Lacroix, senior vice president and global SAP partner executive at Capgemini said: “this global certification is further recognition of Capgemini’s collaboration with SAP as a global strategic alliance partner and it underscores our expertise in implementing SAP solutions for our customers across a wide range of sectors. The achievement is in addition to our recent local certification across numerous different geographies including North America, India and the Netherlands.”

The Run SAP methodology enables customers to optimise the implementation and ongoing management of endto- end solution operations, helping them to get the most from application lifecycle management solutions,” said Anja-Christina Bruehling, vice president and head of Global Partner Management and Training, Active Global Support, SAP. “Capgemini recognizes the value that Run SAP provides, and we congratulate them on becoming SAP-certified as a global provider of solution implementation using the Run SAP methodology.”

Run SAP, SAP Solution Manager, enterprise edition, and application lifecycle management are integral parts of SAP Enterprise Support services, a holistic support model designed to enable continuous improvement and successful solution operations at lower risk and cost. SAP customers realise the benefits of operating in alignment with SAP’s approach to application lifecycle management and the end-to-end SAP standards for solution operations, which are a prerequisite for the continuous improvement of SAP solution operations. Not only do they enable automation, reducing the cost of operations, but also improve traceability by providing an audit trail. This helps companies achieve cost efficiency, quality assurance and compliance enablement.

Capgemini has recently built a service called the conversation wheel for SAP Solution Manager, to enable communication with customers. Each of the 17 sub-functions of SAP Solution Manager are supported by educational information and client reference cases to help sales teams.

Capgemini has a long-standing relationship with SAP with over 11,500 practitioners focused on SAP solutions globally, and provides application lifecycle services in support of SAP solutions, including on-premise, on-device and on-demand projects to thousands of clients worldwide. It has developed best practices, global tools, templates and accelerators supported by solution centers, such as its Crescent centre for the consumer products, wholesale and retail market. Capgemini serves its clients end-to-end across the entire application lifecycle comprising design, build, run and innovate by providing licensing, implementation, hosting, system maintenance and management under one contract. Capgemini obtained its first global certification as a provider of solution implementation based on Run SAP in 2009.

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