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Upskilling your people for the age of the machine

Report shows Upskilling is integral to Automation’s success

Although automation offers incredible benefits, such as improvements in quality, operational efficiency, and incremental revenue, the new report by Capgemini’s Research Institute entitled ‘Upskilling your people for the age of the machine’ reveals that upskilling your workforce can unlock the full productivity potential of automation.

The report surveyed 800 senior executives (at director level or above) and 1,200 employees, in supervisory and non-supervisory roles, and found that organisations with high automation maturity as well as advanced upskilling programs can expect to save 270 million dollars more than those with the same level of automation maturity but where upskilling at scale is absent.

It also found that organisations with full-scale upskilling initiatives report greater success with automation. Forty-three percent of them experience good progress at the midway point compared to 24% of organisations without full-scale initiatives.

It’s not only about applying the right technology to the right processes; equal focus must be given to an organisation’s people and this balance can be achieved with large-scale upskilling that boosts employee morale and output.

The report offers key considerations in designing and implementing a successful upskilling strategy to equip a workforce to deal with automation-driven change:

  • Assess your technology investments and the extent of their impact on the workforce
  • Define the skills you need and when you need them
  • Make upskilling a win-win for people and the organisation
  • Enable leaders to communicate effectively and manage change
  • Align learning to organisational strategy

To find out more about how upskilling can unleash automation’s full potential for your business download the Report-Upskilling-your-people-for-the-age-of-the-machine and the Infographic-–-Upskilling-your-people-for-the-age-of-the-machine.