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TechnoVision 2023 is designed to facilitate technology business dialogues and storytelling.

Over the course of time, we have pioneered and developed various ways in which you can apply TechnoVision to any given idea, problem, project, or corporate setting, and to think creatively in ways in which you may not have thought of before.

The TechnoVision framework can be boxed up, shuffled, and described in a multitude of ways, turning each of the 37 trends into colorful, real-life discussion points to be deliberated and conjugated alone, online, or in vibrant debate with others.

TechnoVision is typically applied according to the following steps: the team is introduced to the future trends in technology and innovation; business challenges are described; components are studied and discussed; storylines are crafted; and the findings are reported.

We prefer to apply TechnoVision in a lively workshop setting. Usually taking place in one of our Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) labs, or our Accelerated Solution Environment (ASE) environments using colorful, real-life TechnoVision cardboard boxes. However, considering the normalcy of remote working and reduced travel, we have provided many tools to help you explore TechnoVision 2023 in your own office setting. The TechnoVision box designs are available to print yourself or to use.

Download open-source TechnoVision box files, to run your own workshops:

Download easy-to-print TechnoVision cards, to run your own workshops:

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