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Startup Catalyst

Leveraging an open ecosystem that connects businesses and startups to deliver dynamic innovation strategies at scale

Making vital connections between Corporates and Startups is at the heart of Capgemini Startup Catalyst. It is a complete open ecosystem where businesses can access new thinking and expertise to solve specific challenges and exploit opportunities, making seamless connections that facilitate rapid value creation.

We identify the most promising Startups in every sector and domain, in every market around the world. Once we’ve spotted potential, we work with the Startup to assess its strengths and market opportunities, in partnership with Early Metrics. We then integrate the Startup’s technology into our portfolio of Capgemini resources to offer our clients a complete solution to their business challenge.

The benefits for corporates

Capgemini Startup Catalyst provides seamless access to technologies that can power and accelerate your digital transformation, whether to achieve significant change, specialist problem-solving or incremental gain.

  • Access new and disruptive technologies from the world’s elite technology startups
  • The opportunity to implement a hybrid innovation model where internal R&D departments are complemented by an open Startup ecosystem
  • The reassurance that the Startup they are working with has passed Capgemini’s rigorous assessments.

The benefits for startups

Capgemini Startup Catalyst is your gateway to rapid expansion on a global scale, giving you unprecedented exposure as well as specialist business expertise to refine your offering.

  • Access to the major enterprises and government organisations in our client portfolio with global validation from Capgemini
  • Unprecedented opportunities to scale-up quickly and apply your expertise and innovative solutions to real-life business challenges
  • Managerial and operational expertise from Capgemini to refine the offering so that it can deliver real value.


  • A growing ecosystem with over 2000 startup businesses on the platform
  • Over 125 Startups already working directly with Capgemini corporate clients

Powering collaboration, building partnerships

Startup Catalyst is part of Capgemini Ventures, our initiative to enrich our clients’ innovation strategies. By uncovering new opportunities to deliver real value through co-creation with startups, clients, and tech partners, it is a vital part of delivering our Open Innovation strategy.