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Energy and utilities

Start with the end in mind

There is growing pressure on UK infrastructure

UK infrastructure is currently facing a unique challenge. The ageing infrastructure is under pressure to increase performance and delivery of essential services for a growing population. This is whilst managing regulatory and political pressures, customer expectations and driving the sustainability agenda to meet the net zero emissions target.

The population across the whole of the UK is forecast to reach over 73 million by 2050 driving urbanisation and increasing pressure on utilities. Energy demand is expected to increase, with a forecasted 50% increase in electricity production required by 2040. Water networks are expected to increase capacity to 3.6 billion litres per day to meet demand. Higher transportation performance is needed to
increase regional productivity, customer experience and quality of life.

There is strong recognition that the nation’s ageing infrastructure needs significant investment to support the future needs of the UK as:

  • two-thirds of nuclear electricity generation capacity will be retired by 2030
  • the cost of strategic road congestion is expected to hit £8.6bn by 2040
  • UK rail network running costs are 40% higher compared to benchmarks across Europe

Improving capital project execution is essential to achieving an ambitious future

The challenges provide the opportunity to do more with our existing infrastructure whilst creating new assets to provide sustainable services for the future.

Improving capital project execution and management of new and existing assets is essential to help achieve this ambitious future.

To meet the challenge, planned investment in energy and overall infrastructure has never been higher. The government’s regional and national investment pipeline totals £413Bn, over 75% of which is targeted at critical energy, transport and utilities projects. To achieve this ambitious future, the return on investment must be maximised.