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Reimagining the people experience – from strategy to realisation

Drive enhanced people engagement, increased HR effectiveness, workforce and HR resilience, and organisational flexibility

The mindset in the world of work has often been binary – the must-have and the nice-to-have.
For the employee, the must-have was an available, doable job that paid the bills, with the nice-to-haves about finding interest, variety in a pleasant work environment, and potentially making a career. While for most employers, the must-have was securing enough people in the right roles to get the job done, with building a performance culture to support the company’s ambitions as the nice-to-have.
This world is now gone! With the rise of remote working, hybrid-work models are changing employees’ priorities and expectations, as the lines between home and work become blurred. It has become critical to ensure your people live through positive and sustainable experiences at work, which match a premium client experience.
This paper helps you better understand and answer the aspirations of your people, enabling every aspect of their working lives to become a must-have – benefitting every area of your organisation and driving enhanced business impact.
It also details how Capgemini’s Intelligent People Experience portfolio puts your people at the heart of your HR operations to shape an intelligent, frictionless, and “consumer-grade” people experience.

About authors

Stephan Paolini

Expert in People & Performance Strategy

Claudia Crummenerl

Expert in commercial, Market access, real world evidence