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Financial services

Navigating Decentralised Futures: Taxonomy and Implications

Familiarise yourself with recent developments in blockchain applications for financial services, stress testing hype vs reality to equip your organization with the building blocks for enterprises to maneuver a decentralised future.

Are decentralised financial systems a threat to incumbents or can they coexist with the current system? Can blockchain-led decentralisation of financial services solve the inefficiencies without introducing any inherent risks?

Read our point of view paper on Decentralised Futures to discover five major developments – decentralised finance (DeFi), central bank digital currency (CBDC), cryptocurrencies, digital assets and non-fungible tokens (NFT) – and their implications for incumbents.

At Capgemini, we use a “Future Thinking” approach to constantly monitor, anticipate and assess the evolving technology landscape to help our clients achieve competitive advantage and differentiation. Through a global, dedicated network of capabilities, we constantly track 10 technology domains. “Decentralised Futures,” which encompasses blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies, is one of the ten domains.

This paper provides a financial services perspective on “Decentralised Futures” amid rapid developments in this area. Our aim is to equip business and technology leaders with a clear understanding of key concepts evolving in the decentralised world, highlight the implications to incumbents, and provide a framework to navigate different building blocks of blockchain technology.