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Digital transformation

Shifts in digital are creating new challenges for the defence industry. Here’s how to turn them into opportunities.


Like most industries, the defence sector faces daily challenges and currently looking to new digital tools and capabilities for solutions. Unlike most industries, however, the defence sector upholds a unique obligation… to provide the very best to those facing danger every day. Increasingly, providing the very best to their end user must include the most advanced technology the world can offer, and the most up-to-date digital capabilities available.

Bringing together opinions, insights, and advice from Capgemini’s brightest, most experienced minds, Digital Culture 26 provides a forward-looking view on where the defence sector will be in 2026. The report highlights the rapid, significant pressures and technology changes impacting the industry and how businesses can overcome the complex challenges they face by embracing a new digital culture and identifying the opportunities that exist in new technologies.

Discover how the latest digital developments can connect traditional IT to recent developments in operational technologies and up-to-date engineering equipment.

Learn how best to deal with, and take advantage of, the wealth of data and information this equipment generates.

Understand how together how we can and should power towards a digital culture that will deliver a better service for us all.

Capgemini has provided IT, engineering, and consulting services to the defence industry for more than 30 years. We are seeing, and indeed experiencing, the essential changes that companies across the sector must make to successfully compete in the market, stay ahead of challenging geopolitical actors and to keep our citizens safe.

We firmly believe the industry, its business and IT leaders, and each organisation in the supply chain must embrace change on three fronts:

  1. Defining digital capabilities
  2. Powering a digital culture
  3. Driving digital innovation

We hope this report provides pause for thought, but more importantly a call to action.

Get in touch to join us in creating a new digital culture, for the protection of us all.

Meet the experts

Simon MacWhirter

Senior Vice President and Global AE
A former electrical engineer in the aerospace industry, Simon has spent the last 25 years at Capgemini using this background to advise service and manufacturing clients on the benefits, challenges and transformation digital technology can make to their businesses. Now a Vice President and Global Account Executive, Simon is responsible for Capgemini’s work with one of the largest defence organisations while making sure they have the right capabilities to adapt their IT and OT systems to rapidly changing geopolitical challenges.

Mike Dwyer

Head of Intelligent Industry, Capgemini UK
Mike leads the Intelligent Industry Centre of Expertise (CoEx) in the UK and brings a deep knowledge of Industry 4.0 and how it transforms the worlds of engineering, manufacturing, service, and operations and through the process, systems, data, people & culture change. Mike is an experienced digital engineering consulting and delivery lead with 25 years of working in R&D, engineering development and digital transformation for Rolls-Royce Defence and Siemens Germany. Mike has worked in other organisations across a variety of sectors including Aerospace & Defence, Power Generation, Rail, Oil and Gas, Formula 1, and Electronics & High-Tech.