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Digital transformation

Digital continuity: The pillar of digital transformation in the aerospace industry

To meet the challenges of the next decade, the aerospace and defence industry will have to equip itself with the digital capabilities needed for digital continuity throughout the life cycle of the sector’s products and resources.

Organisations across all industries are facing challenges to develop complex products that require strong collaboration across domains and disciplines. The A&D industry is no exception. Digital innovation will be a requirement to address the new complexities within development and production lifecycles.

Transforming the aircraft industry means transforming the way data is managed. Digital innovation can help with unifying the use of data throughout an organisation, and across the A&D ecosystem.

As a digital enabler, digital continuity can accelerate operations like supply chain. Creating an intelligent supply chain, one driven by data and digital innovation, will ensure the efficiency, consistency, orchestration and compliance of new products on the market, industrial resources and associated services.

Data has never been more critical. Digital continuity is the path forward. It works as a digital twin, a kind of metaverse allowing for the centralisation of data. Most importantly, it plays a crucial role in collaboration across the enterprise.

 According to a report from the Capgemini Research Institute, 73% of A&D organisations now have a long-term roadmap for digital twin technology, and investment is ramping up, being projected to increase 40% from the previous year.

So, why is Digital Continuity the answer for the complex system challenges in the industry? Find out more by downloading our experts’ viewpoint.

Meet our experts

Antoine Scotto d'Apollonia

VP | Digital Continuity Advisor | Capgemini Invent
Antoine has more than 25 years in civil aerospace leading Engineering transformation and PLM implementation for new programs. He is driven by the ability to develop new Digital Design-Manufacturing-Service platforms and deploy global Business Transformation for his clients. He manages Aerospace transformation best practices for Capgemini Invent and leads Digital Continuity insights across multiple industries. Antoine believes that development principles and digital enablers for the Aerospace industry are foundational for Intelligent Industry, the next era of digital transformation defined by the convergence of product, software, data, and services across all industries.