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Energy and utilities

COP26 and Beyond

The UK’s achievements and ambitions in tackling climate change will come under great scrutiny in November when 30,000 delegates from over 200 countries descend on Glasgow for COP26. As government net zero policies and leadership come under the spotlight, the global gathering will also provide a chance for utilities, which act as government’s most important net zero delivery partners, both to shine and to influence.

In this major new report, we draw on the opinions and expertise of many industry leaders to take stock of what’s been achieved and what more needs to be done. We investigate the major stumbling blocks utilities face and the key decisions needed around regulation, finance and policy to help them reduce their carbon footprint and boost biodiversity.

This report explores in depth industry leaders’ exciting plans and daunting challenges:

  • Generation – What is the optimum mix of technologies to reach net zero by 2050?
  • Resilience – How can utilities build resilience against climate change as weather patterns change?
  • Smart systems and flexibility – How do we balance the system in a net carbon era; plus, the role of EVs and changing consumer behaviour.
  • Heating and the role of hydrogen – How big of a replacement will it be for homeowners?
  • Biodiversity and environmental stewardship – How energy and water companies are boosting biodiversity