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Customer first

Composable Commerce

Modernising your architecture to drive better business value

Being more flexible and nimble to respond quickly to changing customer expectations is the need of the hour for today’s digital commerce organisations.

Pandemic events and supply chain issues have forced companies to respond quickly with new customer experiences, processes, products, and solutions. Composable and modular solutions are playing a key role in enabling organisations to develop and deploy changes quicker than ever before, with flexibility at the core. 

Composable Commerce is a concept first introduced by Gartner which describes dissecting large monolithic Commerce Suites into smaller best of- breed packages which Gartner refers to as PBCs (Packaged Business Capabilities). Such PBCs can, for instance, be Search, Content Management or Promotions. Even though it is often used in the context of MACH architecture, Composable Commerce does not prescribe a technology or architecture of the applications used. The term Composable is also often used in the context of augmentation or strangling scenarios where an existing monolithic platform is augmented with additional external best of- breed components like search or CMS.

To win in today’s digital commerce landscape, a client must deliver exceptional customer experiences at every touch-point and become proficient at the ability to sense a customer’s needs and respond with the right experience. To do this effectively many companies are realising that they must either adapt their commerce architecture or choose a different solution to address their customers’ needs. Embarking on this new architecture journey is risky and to do this right, it requires the right degree of digital maturity and proper planning across the customer experience ecosystem.

This paper is specifically written to inform business and technology leaders about a pivotal transformation that is occurring within the commerce industry. Download this insightful PoV – Composable Commerce – Modernising your architecture to drive better business value from Capgemini experts. This PoV covers:

  • Composable, Headless, MACH: what is it all about?
  • What problems does Composable solve?
  • How do you introduce it?
  • How to measure success? 
  • Capgemini’s Crafted Commerce capabilities