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Networks on cloud: A clear advantage

“A mobile-telecoms revolution is under way – one reminiscent of the way personal computers replaced mainframes in the 1980s, and cloud-based apps are replacing traditional software today.” Tareq Amin, CEO of Rakuten Mobile, wrote this in 2021 as part of his outlook on the future of mobile telecoms. The revolution he was referring to – “telco cloud transformation” – is the transition from physical network functions to a software form, running on the cloud. Telcos are increasingly moving their networks to the cloud, recognising the significant advantages this can provide – 31% of global network capacity is being serviced by cloud today, and this is expected to increase to 46% in the next 3 to 5 years.

In our newest Capgemini Research Institute report, Networks on cloud: A clear advantage, we take an in-depth look at the telco cloud transformation process. While the “virtualisation” of network functions, which serves as a starting point for telco cloud transformation, has been ongoing for several years, we see cloud-native deployment of network functions – which can take virtualisation’s benefits to the next level and offers additional ones as well – rapidly taking off among telco organisations. Our analysis shows that by transforming to cloud, a typical telco from our survey can improve its network total cost of ownership by $260 to $380 million and can gain an early-mover advantage to the tune of $110 to $210 million in additional revenue.

However, we also found there to be significant challenges that organisations embarking on transformations must overcome. These include issues related to cultural challenges, controlling cloud costs, and regulatory hurdles, among others. To navigate these obstacles successfully, telcos will need to be prepared to skillfully implement both technical and cultural changes within their organisations.

Still, the decision to transform looks to be a given based on the numerous and significant benefits that it can provide. With this in mind, we aim to answer four of the most significant questions for organisations surrounding the move toward telco cloud – including why the move is taking place, its cost-benefit analysis, examples of successful transformations, and how organisations can harness the full potential that telco cloud offers.

Download the full report to read our comprehensive insights on this subject.

Meet our experts

Jacques Assaraf

Global Head of Telecommunications
Telcos are under pressure to continue to operate secure, reliable and fast network connections, while also enabling the services of the future, such as the smart grid, connected home, and IoT. We work with Telco clients to help them transform from the inside, building a mature digital capacity to facilitate the transformation of industries, society, and the world at large.

Shamik Mishra

CTO of Connectivity, Capgemini Engineering

Arnab Das

Vice President of Advanced Connectivity (5G, EDGE Compute, O-RAN, IoT, Telco Engineering R&D) at Capgemini
Vice President of Advanced Connectivity (5G, EDGE Compute, O-RAN, IoT, Telco Engineering R&D) at Capgemini

Karl Bjurstroem

EVP, Global Head of Tech & Telecom Industries, Capgemini Invent
Strategy consultant and manager passionate about the use of digital technologies to gain strategic and operational advantages within customer experience, product development and marketing. Specific expertise in digital strategy formulation and realization, developed by working with CXO level clients in the high tech, telecom, media and banking industries across the globe.

Fotis Karonis

Executive Vice President, Group leader 5G and Edge computing

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