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Capgemini Engineering’s Big Bet on 5G and Edge Services

5G innovation and Edge computing are the foundation blocks of data-driven transformation. They will change how companies, governments, and consumers interact and do business.

But 5G and edge solution deployment can be challenging. While the previous generation of wireless technologies had centralised architecture making deployment relatively straightforward, 5G’s democratisation of infrastructure and distributed and service-based architecture brings new challenges. These challenges require a more comprehensive approach by both the DEOT service providers, Telecom Operators/ Carriers, and NEPs.

Digital engineering and operational technology (DEOT) service providers (SPs) bring infrastructure, proprietary solutions and frameworks, domain-specific experience, and engineering talent to modernise their customers’ operations. Such relationships enable telecom operators, NEPs, and enterprises to deliver faster implementation and ROI on 5G and edge deployments.

This IDC Vendor Profile is part of an ongoing digital engineering and operational technology (DEOT) service provider/vendor research programme. This document demonstrates Capgemini Engineering’s evolution toward 5G and edge solutions and services; the company’s strategy, 5G and edge solutions, capabilities, and partnerships; and how that complements the 5G solutions and services of telecom operators/carriers, network equipment providers, and the technology road map of end-user enterprises.