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Building optimal risk resilience – The pivotal role of insurance brokers

Insurance brokers play an important role in establishing and enforcing a robust method for purchasing an insurance policy. This expertise goes beyond insurance opportunities, to balance the coverage limits with risk exposure. Brokers have a large potential role in identifying key loss drivers, reviewing traditional covers, and identifying gaps that can be bridged with alternative risk financing and non-insurance techniques.

As the risk ecosystem continues to shift, business risk managers are ever more challenged to adequately cover evolving risks while minimising the impact of the increasing costs of traditional insurance. In reaction to this changing environment, brokers have put alternative finance management to appropriate use: they have the reach, diversification, efficiency, and technical or data advantage, and are also increasingly becoming marshals of risk capital.

Download this point of view and explore how Brokers can help shape the future of risk resilience by:

  • Focussing on intricately and methodically stitching together the most efficient risk capital strategies, traditional and alternative, for their risk manager clients
  • Embrace new technologies alongside capital market tools to create entirely new ways for risk and capital to be matched and traded.

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Kiran Boosam

Vice President, Financial Services; Global Insurance Industry Strategy and Portfolio Leader, Capgemini Financial Services
Kiran leads the global insurance strategy and portfolio for Capgemini Financial Services. A P&C and life insurance expert, he assesses industry dynamics and shapes innovative solutions for the Insurance CXOs, leveraging the power of the Capgemini Group, external ecosystems, and emerging technology.