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Podcast series

Automation Station – a podcast series

For years, much has been said, written, and promised about automation in the workplace. But what is the reality today?

This question compelled us to explore the automation landscape; to find out how to derive maximum business value from automation, its transformative capabilities, and of course the ever-evolving human-machine relationship that is an obvious outcome.

And we found some answers, some questions, and six great conversations.

Welcome to Automation Station – a six-episode podcast series, with leading automation experts from Capgemini, and around the world. Hear what analysts, our technology partners, entrepreneurs, and academicians have to say about the impact of automation on the future of the enterprise. Tune in today!

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Seven key insights on Automation from the podcast

  • For successful automation, focus on strong governance, executive support, and robust orchestration.
  • Automation deployed appropriately can result in realising business benefits.
  • Taking a “people, process, and technology” approach enables the creation of a “frictionless enterprise”.
  • IT departments can drive the business to better results.
  • The new normal has laid the foundation for the future of work through augmented teams involving humans and machines
  • The lessons learned from the accelerated deployment of automation in the past two years shall propel us forward.
  • It is important to perform automation-maturity diagnostics for your enterprise before adoption and implementation.


Amardeep Modi: Amardeep Modi is a seasoned RPA, intelligent automation, and process mining SME advisor, and leader. He leads the Service Optimisation Technologies (SOT) research and advisory practice at Everest Group.

Dr. Adam Bujak: Adam is the CEO and founder of, a German based transformation mining company that works with their customers to understand abstract processes and how to balance the associated people and technology dimensions. He previously worked at Capgemini as the Global Head of Intelligent Automation Practice. He evangelises digital transformation and Intelligent Process Automation.

Mike Lackey: Mike Lackey joined SAP in 2008 through the acquisition of Visiprise and has global responsibility for Solution Management, LoB Manufacturing. With previous roles at Visiprise, NetVendor and Teradyne Manufacturing Software Group, Mr. Lackey has a unique set of knowledge that covers both manufacturing software and design collaboration along with over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing sector.

Martin Snellgrove: Martin Snellgrove has served many years as a business development leader, including five years at Capgemini before joining Red Hat, where he is now an Alliance Manager. He is strategic thinker who has successfully generated new business through transactional channel deals and strategic alliance partnerships.

Chantelle Brandt Larsen : Chantelle Brandt Larsen is Director of Corporate Programs at the Executive School of Management, Technology and Law of the University of St. Gallen (ES-HSG), responsible for Custom Programs. She has also led the Future of Work for Deloitte Switzerland and has worked as Global Director Digital Solutions for Capgemini. She has pioneered new products to market, connecting the human design experience and technology, and has established her expertise in Organisation Development. 

Brad Borkan: Brad Borkan in award-winning author and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. His first book, “When Your Life Depends On It” is listed in the top 100 best decision-making books of all time. From an IT professional perspective, Brad had a long career at Oracle and SAP. His second book called “Audacious Goals, Remarkable Results” has been recently published.


Brian Doherty: Brian Doherty is Marketing & Communications Director – SAP Partnerships at Capgemini. With over 24 years with the organisation, Brian has played a lead role in the development of innovative and successful market offers. These include business process outsourcing, service integration and management, cloud computing and end-user services.

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