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Are fast, accurate B2B sales quotes possible?

B2B wants what B2C has: a speedy and effortless digital sales process.

Some say that the complex nature of selling multiple, diverse products – each customisable and configurable in countless different ways – naturally excludes businesses from offering B2C-like shopping experiences to their B2B clients.

But the misconception that complexity somehow hinders convenience is being shattered with modern standalone CPQ (configure, price, quote) software.

CPQ introduces a new era for businesses by revolutionising the buying journey for clients. It adds a consistent pricing scheme while automating many arduous, time-consuming processes. Sales reps enjoy less manual work while buyers have more self-serve options to easily configure their desired products and get fast, accurate quotes.

Download our point of view and discover how complexity can meet simplicity and customisation can be facilitated by convenience for both businesses and buyers.

Meet our expert

Wanda Roland

Vice President, Global Offer Lead Empowered Sales; DCX Salesforce Practice Leader Japan
“I am an experienced consulting leader with a 25-year history of working in the management consulting industry. I specialize in multi-cloud sales, developing and leading a technology team in design and delivery, and the management of large global cloud implementations. I have delivered numerous full end-to-end global CRM initiatives, including digital operation models, digital strategies, technology roadmaps, B2B business use cases, as well as program/project management services leveraging agile, and hybrid methodologies.”