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Digital transformation

AI-driven development using Pega Infinity ‘24

Pega GenAI™ Boosts Productivity: Explore our new impact study showcasing significant gains for businesses

Explore how Pega GenAI™ features enhance productivity in Pega Infinity ‘24. Building on our prior study on Pega Infinity ‘23, we reveal key findings from our latest research on AI-driven development. This comprehensive update not only revisits our previous findings but also provides a detailed comparison of the enhanced capabilities and their potential impact on development processes.

We’ll break down Pega GenAI Blueprint, Autopilot, Coach, Analyze, Automate, and the exciting new enhancements to Constellation. You’ll learn how to leverage these features to streamline your work, and most importantly, discover what makes Pega Infinity ’24 a game-changer for your business.

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