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Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: Innovation is always on display at FIA

Lee Annecchino
18 Jul 2022

Pioneering Intelligent Industry


Today is the start of the 2022 Farnborough International Airshow, one of the largest events to convene the global Aerospace & Defence industry. It’s the first time the event is live since 2018 so I’m sure I speak for all attendees when I say that I am excited to attend and interact with peers, colleagues, customers, and many of the people I have met throughout my career in Aerospace & Defence.  But the real highlight for me is seeing the aircraft on display.  It creates a sense of awe and wonder to see first-hand the innovation that has advanced the industry over the years.  This year especially, I am looking forward to seeing how the industry has evolved over the last few years as we’ve been in quarantine challenged by the pandemic.  While it’s certainly been a time of disruption, I think it’s also been a time of significant opportunity.  I passionately believe that disruption fuels innovation, it makes us more creative to use resources we have and find new and improved ways to do things.

One of the ways we talk about innovation at Capgemini is through the lens of Intelligent Industry. When we say an industry is intelligent, we’re referring to the resources and services that are needed so organisations can access the data and technology to increase efficiency internally, ultimately impacting how they are able to go to market and connect with their clients.  

Humans are at the centre of Intelligent Industry – connecting everyone to the technologies and data they need to make informed decisions every day.  

Our theme at FIA is “Pioneering Intelligent Industry“ which very much aligns with the theme of this year’s event, “Pioneering the Future”.  At Capgemini, we believe that companies that will lead the industry are the ones that utilise current technologies to intelligently connect their products and services.  This alignment is needed to accelerate, secure, and scale digital transformation so this evolving industry can keep pace with the market, and be prepared for the next disruption.  Our stand includes demonstrations that showcase the pillars of our Intelligent Industry capabilities: Human Centricity, Sustainable by Design, Supply Chain Resilience through Intelligence, Insight through Digital Twins, Beyond Leading Edge, Powered by Data, and Intelligent Products and Services.  

Our demos unveil new capabilities being brought to market such as helping clients find the optimum design of an aircraft wing through quantum computing; the advancement of sustainability in design through a digital platform that automates and accelerates the certification of EVTOL (Electric Vertical Take Off and Landing); a garment with sensors to measure and analyse operator posture, emphasising the human at the centre of Intelligent Industry; supply chain resilience illustrated via a digital remote assistance demo that tracks objects through the supply chain journey. We have a lot to talk to you about, so please come by for the chance to speak with our experts Krisztian Benyo on quantum computing and other leading edge technologies, Graham Upton & Mike Dwyer on Digital Twins, Mohit Khare, Scott Reid & Klaas Birkenfeld on sustainability, EVTOL & drones, John Ward for supply chain resilience and Virginie Bonnot on Human Centricity and about the many other products and services we are bringing to market to help customers be the pioneers of the future.  

I also encourage you to read more about Intelligent Industry through our blog series “Journey to Farnborough International Airshow”.  In this series, our experts share key insights on why it is vital for businesses to take an Intelligent Industry approach to unleash waves of innovation across every dimension of what they do, and how they do it.  Many of the authors will be on hand to talk about any of these topics, so more reason to visit us while you’re at FIA this week. Click here read our blog series. 

Intelligent Industry is the next stage of digital transformation – digitising business through embedded software, data, and new generation wireless connectivity, rethinking what you do, and how you do it.  Come and visit us at stand 1211 in Hall 1, the Pioneer of Change zone.  I look forward to a having a discussion about how Capgemini can help your organiz]sation be a pioneer of change and innovation, as well as the innovative aircraft on display.  See you at Farnborough!