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How I landed a Grad role at Capgemini Invent

Sophie Christlow
24 Jan 2022

Joining a graduate scheme is a perfect way to gain practical work experience and kick-start your career without being thrown in at the deep end. Having landed a grad role at Capgemini Invent, I thought I would share the process of how I got it.

Take time on the application process:

When applying for the graduate scheme, I had to fill in the application form consisting of a variety of questions regard to the role and company. This stage requires time, do not rush the answers as they need to be tailored and detailed to show the employer why you are the right fit for this role.

Before sending off the application, I would recommend asking your network or family/friends to proofread your answers to see where you can improve. I found that having a second pair of eyes helped to polish my answers.

LinkedIn was my best friend

LinkedIn is a great platform that allows you to network with a wide range of professionals. Networking is a great way to start building relationships with people, allowing you to exchange information, advice, and experiences to gain insights that you may not find through internet research.

Once I had completed the application for the graduate scheme, I connected with a few Capgemini employees on LinkedIn to find out first-hand what it was like working for Capgemini. Through these conversations I asked about projects they had worked on and what the consultant role involved. They also provided me with useful tips on what to expect from each stage of the application, which helped settle my nerves.

Preparing for the virtual assessment centre

Assessment centres are the main stage of the application process, consisting of different tasks and activities to test your suitability of the role. As a result of Covid-19, my assessment centre was virtual, carried out via video conference through Microsoft Teams.

Preparation is key for an assessment centre, this require a lot of research to ensure you are confident for the day and have a basic understanding of the tasks that you may be presented with. Research helps expand your knowledge and understanding of the company, its culture, history and achievements; a good place to start is the Capgemini website, as well as using the network you have built on LinkedIn. Whilst doing this it is useful to see how you align with Capgemini’s values.

It is a good idea to revise the job description to understand what is required for that role. During this stage, aim to link the requirements of the role to your previous work experiences, try and use a wide variety of experience to showcase your skills. It is important to look at company projects completed in areas that you are interested in, this is really useful during the interview stage of the assessment centre.

I hope these tips will help you in your application process! If you’re interested in applying for the Invent Accelerate Graduate scheme, please register your interest here.