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Generative AI is changing the game for customer experience and digital transformation

Stephan Kolarik
Jun 5, 2024

With nearly 60% of organisations integrating generative AI into their marketing efforts, its rapid adoption underscores a transformative potential in reshaping workflows, personalisation, and decision-making.

By prioritising value, data quality, human augmentation, sustainability, and responsible usage, businesses can leverage generative AI to unlock new levels of efficiency, innovation, and customer engagement.

Generative AI is not just a buzzword; it’s a transformative force is reshaping businesses as we know. By leveraging this technology, businesses can create unprecedented customer experiences, driving engagement, efficiency, and revenue to new heights.

Rapid ROI is now central to strategic investments: reducing operational costs through process improvement and automation.

Smooth digital customer processes are essential for client satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty. Capgemini is successfully driving end-to-end transformation around the globe in all major industries. Together with our clients, we streamline operations by improving processes and automating manual tasks. The result: reduced error rates, faster customer response times and less cost for our clients.

Over recent years, our clients have understood the need to scale initiatives to handle complex, end-to-end processes. Generative AI driven approaches become increasingly relevant to steer these initiatives, providing objective insights from data, replacing manual intensive process discovery or monitoring moving to autonomous operations.

The potential of Generative AI to drive productivity and improve customer experiences

Generative AI accelerates IT platform implementations by automating complex tasks like code generation, significantly reducing the need for extensive human intervention. It enhances user experiences by personalising services based on in-depth data analysis, boosting customer satisfaction. Our recent research, “Generative AI in organisations”, shows that generative AI has the greatest potential within sales and customer service, marketing functions, and IT development.

Drive increased sales and improved customer service

Generative AI accelerates sales processes by providing personalised client outreach and sales support collateral. Through capabilities like Pega Knowledge Buddy™ and Pega Coach™, generative AI helps to draft personalised client outreach and to create sales support collaterals aligned with client needs and the company’s business portfolio. Once the offer is complete, a generative AI suggestion platform advises account execs on how to address client questions and provide the most relevant information.

Using generative AI to automate processes, optimise resources, implement predictive maintenance, optimise the supply chain, mitigate risks, and improve decision-making, opens the potential to achieve cost savings and enhance overall financial performance.

A new landscape for marketing and personalisation

Generative AI can transform customer experience by offering hyper-personalisation beyond the novelty factor. Customers currently face fragmented touchpoints and inconsistent personalisation.

Capgemini’s recent report, “GenAI and the evolving role of marketing: A CMO’s Playbook”, highlights its rapid adoption and transformative impact on marketing. By using generative AI for personalised marketing, pricing optimisation, demand forecasting, enhanced customer experience, sales support, and data-driven decision-making, organisations can attract more customers, drive continuous engagement, and boost conversions.

By leveraging Pega’s GenAI powered Customer Decision Hub, not only can you make sure effective and relevant hyper-personalisation in real-time, you are now also able to boost your productivity with Generative AI. Pega’s Customer Decision Hub now helps you automatically generate new treatments for better targeting through Generative AI. Additionally, the newly introduced Pega CDH Assistant streamlines discovery and insights, through a conversational interface, so you can make informed decisions and take action within the same tool.

Revolutionising the development lifecycle with Generative AI

The process automation landscape has evolved dramatically, marked by the advent of low-code/no-code solutions and the rise of citizen developers. These advancements have democratised process automation, bringing forth a wave of innovation and creativity. Advanced platforms like Pega Infinity™ have integrated generative AI to further enhance process creation, testing, user interface design, and localisation.

In our recent impact analysis, “Revolutionising workflow automation”, we compared Pega Infinity™ and custom development with Java Enterprise Edition, both powered by generative AI and found that Pega Infinity™, bolstered by its cutting-edge AI capabilities, achieves a remarkable speed — 7.8 times quicker than the traditional development approach in crucial areas such as workflow automation, UX/UI development, among others.

The road to Generative AI excellence

Generative AI at the centre of organisational strategy and operations

While generative technologies can help us improve customer experience and drive productivity, a robust generative AI strategic and operational architecture is still required to be used by organisations.

Focus on value – and continuously measure and adapt

There is a common preconceived notion that implementing these tools only requires a one-time effort. But it demands a regular commitment and a continuous feedback loop, to constantly evaluate the value and performance of the initiatives, especially because the technology is rapidly evolving. Companies that invest in these areas will be positioned to thrive in the era of generative AI when the technology matures.

The performance of your generative AI initiatives depends on the quality of your data

The first step for many companies will be improving the quality and accuracy of their data. Powering generative AI tools with poor data is like having a race car fitted with an old engine from a beater vehicle – rendering it ineffective and unreliable, especially compared to the competition. A robust data foundation is therefore essential for getting tangible value from any use case of generative AI.

Using GenAI to augment the human experts and elevate their possible

Generative solutions cannot be seen in isolation as they become part of existing work done by the team in the CX space (marketing, sales, service, or commerce). While being augmented and empowered by GenAI, the human element remains critical for any successful generative AI implementation by bringing the necessary intelligence. Organisations need people behind these systems with the right blend of skills, knowledge, and experience, all aligned with the brand’s values, ethics, and overall mission.

Increasing importance of sustainability

Given the carbon-intensive nature of training new generative AI models, it will also be important to weigh environmental considerations. Organisations also need to establish sustainability guidelines, around the carbon footprint of training foundational models and the general use of generative AI.

Navigating complexity and risk to build trust and responsibility

As with any new technology, generative AI is not without risk. However, with proper planning and guardrails in place, there is potential to transform business operations, product and service development, and customer interaction.          

Pega GenAI Knowledge Buddy prioritises security by enabling users to limit data sources to trusted ones, with enterprise-grade security measures. It tailors responses to specific audiences and roles while implementing granular role-based controls. It also applies CX guardrails to prompts and inputs, ensuring brand integrity and safeguarding privacy. With customisable prompts and responses, it controls randomness and masks sensitive data, ensuring comprehensive protection.


Although generative AI and the new Pega GenAI™ capabilities can create significant standalone value, it is only truly revolutionary when combined with existing capabilities. As a leading Pega Elite Partner with acknowledged experience in Modernisation and Business Value delivery, Capgemini can identify those areas within your organisation where Generative AI can bring the greatest benefits to transform Customer Experience across your whole customer life cycle.

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Stephan Kolarik

Vice President Capgemini DCX Europe
Passionate about digital transformation delivered by diverse teams in client and partner collaboration, with people- and tech-driven best practices for successful outcomes. My mission: deliver business value, maximise operational excellence with best-in-class customer engagement and CX. Result: maximum profitability, enhanced satisfaction, optimised processes, and smooth operations.

Dinesh Karanam

Senior Director, Business Processes and Augmented Services Leader for North America, Financial Services
Dinesh leads business and technology transformations for global organisations, using his 25 years of expertise in diverse industries to drive strategic innovation and impactful changes. He enhances operational efficiency and spearheads global teams to deliver significant business achievements, including profit growth and digital advancements. ​

Niklas Jansson

Pega CTO – CTO Office – DCX Europe
Niklas Jansson is part of the CTO Office for DCX Europe and has a strong track record and experience of working in various digital transformation and customer experience projects across various verticals as well as business and practice development. Niklas focus is on how to use technology to enable businesses create outstanding digital customer experiences and deliver transformative and business centric solutions through platforms, process orchestration, low-code, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and agile delivery.