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Capgemini takes great pride in having been a Premier Sponsor of the Gartner Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo in June 2023.

Charlotte Jones
Jul 13, 2023

The symposium is recognized as the world’s most significant gathering of Chief Supply Chain Officers (CSCOs) and supply chain executives.

Our distinguished Capgemini Supply Chain Team participated in the event alongside a diverse international community of CSCOs to share indispensable knowledge, strategic approaches, and conceptual frameworks.

The Gartner Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo is accredited with being the supply chain event to attend with 3,500 attendees representing a broad range of industries. This sponsorship platform allowed us to share compelling illustrations of the exceptional value we bring to our valued clients.

Our team of senior Vice Presidents and leaders actively participated in the symposium to present our ever-growing range of solutions for supply chain transformation, from touchless forecasting to warehouse optimisation in the supply chain. These solutions empower our clients to effectively navigate ongoing disruptions, mitigate risks, and optimize their rewards within their supply chain.

Supply Chain Capability Amplified

Our event sponsorship proved to be an extraordinary avenue for us to showcase our capabilities, both at our booth and during our engaging client-partnered speaking sessions. Our booth served as a dynamic platform, amplifying our supply chain expertise by presenting a diverse range of use-cases, encompassing every facet of a versatile supply chain in various industries.

At the booth we offered digital tools showing solutions we have provided for a wide range of clients, and we projected short videos allowing the Gartner network to experience our capabilities through storytelling.

During the event, we took to the Gartner stage for two client-partnered speaking sessions to demonstrate our capabilities and to emphasise the robust client relationships we foster.

James Tilley, Vice President in Supply Chain at Capgemini Invent, took to the stage to share insights into our successful collaboration with Unilever. He shared the stage with Dave Banks, Strategic Partnership and Operations Delivery at Unilever. This presentation titled “Unilever’s iOPS Journey with Capgemini” highlighted the collaborative journey we have been on with Unilever to create an exceptional platform that sets industry standards. The Unilever Integrated Operations Programme (iOPS) seamlessly integrates customer operations and end to end supply chain processes to drive revenue growth through customer excellence.

The presentation provided James and Dave with the opportunity to demonstrate how this platform and how our partnership with Unilever provides value for today and a foundation for the future.

The second speaking session was held with our esteemed, long-term client Kuehne+Nagel.
Jörg Junghanns, Vice President of Intelligent Supply Chain Operations at Capgemini Europe, delivered an exceptional panel session alongside Dr. Matthias Hodel, Senior Vice President Global Head Customer Development Integrated Logistics, from Kuehne + Nagel. This speaking session was titled “E2E Supply Chain Orchestration: is it chasing a dream or a game-changing innovation?”. The audience listened to how end-to-end supply chain orchestration embraces many aspects of supply chain management, from demand forecasting to supply chain planning and logistics management. Thus, it requires high-quality data, real-time visibility, and predictive analytics, to name just a few necessary ingredients.

As stated by Jörg “given the complexity of global supply networks, creating frictionless ecosystems partnerships are imperative to success. In the panel session, I discussed with Matthias why we fundamentally believe in this concept and what led us to combine our strengths and value propositions”.

The panel session provided us with an invaluable platform to demonstrate our expertise in End-to-End Supply Chain Orchestration, leveraging our strong partnership with Kuehne + Nagel.

Supply Chain Insights

Considering the prevailing geopolitical instability, resource scarcity, sustainability concerns, and recovery from the pandemic, supply chain resiliency was a key topic at Gartner. Our experts gained valuable insights during their deliberations on this topic:

Phil Davies, Global Supply Chain Lead for Capgemini Invent, had this to say regarding the value derived from Gartner: “Supply chain resilience is one of the key challenges of our times and often the topic of conversation with my clients. I am often asked ‘how do I make my supply chain more resilient’ so I was pleased to see Gartner addressing this challenge through their session on “Mastering Uncertainty: The Rise of Resilient Supply Chain Planning”. They presented some interesting concepts on how to plan with uncertainty in mind and I see this as a logical next step for companies, once they have mastered the art of true touchless planning for the core product set, thus allowing them to focus their talent on what I call resilience planning, i.e., planning for uncertainty. Obviously, this is only now possible given the capabilities that exist in the Advance Planning Systems of today and, critically, that those systems are fed with high quality data.”

At Gartner, we embraced the opportunity to take a panoramic view of the entire supply chain landscape across a multitude of industries. By deciphering the factors that generate tangible value for our clients, we gained valuable insights into the adoption rates and maturity levels of different approaches.

Experts Together United for the Future

Our Capgemini attendees are experts across the whole supply chain, navigating seamlessly through a multitude of different industries, such as automotive, manufacturing, consumer products, life sciences, and a myriad of other industries. Gartner provided a gateway for our experts to immerse themselves in a world of diverse perspectives and considering how to leverage this to future-proof the supply chain.

Frank Arnold, Vice President Supply Chain Transformation for Intelligent Industry Germany, offered commentary on how Gartner addresses the future of supply chains: “Alongside the concept of Resilient Planning, Gartner is pointing out that the next chapter in the evolution of planning has started. Decision-centric Planning (DCP) must replace the fixed, cyclic planning embodied by S&OP and S&OE to enable continuous business decision-making.

Customer-centricity is also playing an increasing role in Supply Chain Strategies and Transformations. Gartner advises CSCOs to integrate the digital twin of the customer into their digital supply chain twin for higher forecast accuracy, agility responsiveness, and improved customer experience.”

This event gave our experts the golden ticket to validate the cutting-edge technologies and revolutionary processes we implement for our esteemed clients, ensuring they reap the utmost value from their operations.

Experts Together United

In conclusion, the Gartner Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo was a resounding success. Through our sponsorship of the event, we were able to showcase the exceptional value we bring to our clients to optimize their supply chains. Our client-partnered speaking sessions provided us with an opportunity to highlight our successful collaborations.

This event provided an invaluable opportunity for our team to share their knowledge, strategic approaches, and conceptual frameworks with the diverse community of attendees representing various industries.

We are already looking forward to the Gartner Supply Chain Symposium, 2024!

Charlotte Jones

Consultant, Supply Chain, Intelligent Industry
Charlotte Jones is a consultant within Capgemini Invent’s Intelligent Industry team, specialised in Supply Chain and with a focus on Consumer Products, Retail and Distribution.