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Capgemini kicks off recruitment for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) re/Start Program for 2023

12 May 2023

What is the AWS Restart Program?

The AWS re/Start program is part of AWS’ efforts to help grow their cloud computing skills for free by 2025. AWS re/Start is a cohort-based workforce development training program that prepares individuals for careers in the cloud and connects them to potential employers.

The program’s mission is to build local talent by providing skills and job opportunities to underrepresented groups such as disadvantaged youth, veterans, military spouses, those made redundant, female candidates and unemployed individuals with outdated skills.

We recruit technical and non-technical roles through the AWS re/Start program.

Capgemini UK is working with AWS re/Start partner, Robert Half Ltd, to offer both technical and non-technical roles to those who have graduated through this program. Our current technical roles are Platform/DevOps Engineers, and our non-technical roles are PMO Analyst. These PMO roles will support Cloud based client projects.

This program offers exceptional training and is an opportunity for people who want to restart their careers. Hear below from Sangeetha Subramanian who was part of the 2022 AWS re/Start program.

Sangeetha Subramanian
Cloud DevOps Engineer, Capgemini

“I am a career re-starter after I took a long break, and it was not an easy decision to change role from full-time mother to Cloud DevOps engineer. It’s a life changing decision and took a lot of courage to pursue but, I made it. Initially, I was so reluctant as I was thinking about the skills I have, my family and my community and I felt hopeless at the start.

These helped me to pursue my dream:

  1. My passion and willpower to start a new role and learn new things
  2. I wanted to become a ‘woman in tech’ and make a difference
  3. I wanted to be a role model for my daughter so that she too could have the same motivation to pursue her dream

After my Masters in Computer Science and starting a family, I entered the AWS re/Start program which is an amazing platform curated for people who wish to start a career after a break or to move on to the next level.

It’s an instructor-led 12-week training program which gave me the opportunity to refresh my IT knowledge, along with soft skills, and they provided career guidance, placement opportunities and constant support throughout. I felt blessed to join the AWS women only cohort where I came across many women who, like me, dropped their career for various reasons and then struggled to re-enter the workforce. We motivated each other and gave each other the push we needed to learn new skills and get outside our comfort zones.

My trainers were so friendly, supportive and encouraging which helped to secure my job with Capgemini. The training provided was so comprehensive, informative and upskilled me hugely.

The journey to reach my destination was not smooth, but still I made it with perseverance and support. Now I’m at Capgemini, my dream organisation, and I am so excited to face new challenges and continue to learn new skills. My colleagues have been so welcoming and helpful, which made me feel very comfortable right from the start.

The onboarding process and inductions provided me with important information about the company – the work culture, values and ethics to follow. The people are so approachable and friendly, so it’s always easy to ask questions.

Here are three things to remember if you’d like to restart your career:

  1. The first step is always difficult. Push yourself and keep going – you’ll get there
  2. Be consistent and don’t be afraid to fail – this is how you’ll learn to be better
  3. Invest a lot of time in building new skills. There is a plethora of tech materials available online so take the time to research and absorb this information

I feel very happy with where I am and want to thank the Capgemini team for giving me the opportunity to restart my tech journey.”

At Capgemini, you don’t need a technology or IT degree or equivalent to have a successful career in technology. That is why we hire both technical and non-technical roles for the AWS re/Start program, which will bring more, brilliant people into the Technology industry.

If you’re looking to reskill into tech or upskill after some time out, you can find out more about AWS re/Start here.