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“Capgemini has an absolutely crucial role to play… the team know us and understand our strategy, they are now best placed to bring new innovations and new ideas to the table that help us drive the business and innovation forward.”

Melanie Stocker, VP IT, Product & Supply Chain at Burberry

Venue : 40 Holborn Viaduct, London EC1N 2PB

What we do

We do innovation with impact. Our team brings together consultants, designers, engineers, start-ups and more to help you get from problem statements to real world outcomes. We work up-front in your innovation process, helping you identify opportunity areas, develop potential solutions and apply innovative technology to drive impact and value.

We are known for building the retail store of tomorrow in Shoreditch, using GenAI to reduce food waste in supermarkets and powering innovation summits for HMRC.

We offer a range of services, to move you from zero to one.


We’ll help you understand the challenges your organisation is facing, getting deep insight by performing research with the teams on-the-ground in your organisation.

Blending this insight with our innovation and Capgemini’s cross-industry expertise, we’ll bring together a full view of the challenges and opportunities inside and outside of your organisation.

We’ll bring all of this together to help challenge your thinking, building richer understanding of the challenges and opportunities and unlock innovative solutions to your biggest challenges.


We’ll make things real, taking one of the solutions identified in discovery and working with you to shape a detailed solution that works for your organisation.

Our team will design and build a ‘proof of value’ – that demonstrates both the technical feasibility and the business value of the solution, evaluating and assessing it with the users who need it to ensure we’re solving the challenges identified in discovery and driving business value.


During this phase, we’ll help you scale up – we’ve proven the value of this solution with your users, now we need to prove it works in-context in your organisation, in your business processes, integrated with key systems.

We’ll scale up the proof of value into a solution with the foundations to scale to your entire organisation and evaluate with a subset of your userbase, proving that when utilised in context, the solution drives the business value you need.


After proving the value in pilot, we’ll help you scale the solution across your organisation, driving business value, utilising the scale and enterprise expertise of the Capgemini group, to help you implement sustainable, reliable and valuable solutions for your business.

Due to our proximity to the UK’s public sector institutions and the manufacturing industry, we are deeply immersed in the emerging trends and companies disrupting these industries.

Who we are

Sanjay Nand
Head of Applied Innovation
Dan Cotton
Head of Innovation Technology
Ali Bhimani
Emerging Technology Engineer
Arianna Marrocu
Emerging Technology Engineer
Abe Elwakili
UI/UX Designer
Charlie Saunders
Senior Innovation Strategist
Josephine Latreille
Senior Innovation Strategist
Johan Erik Lonn
Senior Innovation Strategist
Luke Holland
Innovation Strategist
Sam Page
Senior UI/UX Designer
Hardik Pithadia
Energy Transition & Utilities Innovation Consultant
Chris Casey
Senior Innovation Strategist

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