Our key takeaways from the Data Driven Intelligent Industry roundtable

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Denton Clutterbuck and Mike Dwyer provide insight into some of the common themes from the “Data Driven Intelligent Industry” roundtable discussions at the recent Industrial Data Symposium, where Capgemini was the gold sponsor

Companies today need to embrace digital transformation to remain competitive. In a fast-changing environment, demand can be volatile, customers expect customised product, and time to market pressures are high.

The adoption of digital technologies such as 5G, Edge computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), has accelerated. As these technologies converge, every type of organisation can start to do business in a new and better way – with intelligent products, intelligent operations, and intelligent support and services, all enabled and powered by data. At Capgemini, we call this holistic combination ‘Intelligent Industry’.

At the recent Industrial Data Symposium, we hosted a roundtable discussion on this very topic, with a variety of attendees, from beverage brewing, automotive, steel makers, agriculture, aircraft manufacturers and beyond. Our groups engaged in a rich, diverse, and vibrant discussion around data driven Intelligent Industry, exploring how data can be used, managed and exploited to deliver the most business value, increased trust, supply chain resilience, reporting and governance.

The conversations exposed a key challenge in the understanding of digital transformation and what it really means to go on this journey, given some manufacturers are still working with paper records in various areas.  This sparked discussion around the digitalisation of operations, democratisation of data and visualisation and insight through access to trusted data. Together, we reflected that to make a great decision, we need just the right amount of data, at the right time and in the right format. Too much data leads to decision paralysis, too little data leads to us playing a hunch or reverting to experience. Setting this up is a tough challenge but a critical journey for us all to explore.

The discussion touched on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, and how organisations use AI to understand and question their data. Despite advancements in some sectors with companies who are already using AI in their products and on their production lines – the truth is, human beings are still needed to add creative and differentiating value with support from digital augmentation and automation.

By putting digital inside everything, organisations can become insights-driven, from product development to manufacturing and operations, all powered by data at scale. At Capgemini, we combine business capability and deep technical knowledge to help solve these complex digital transformations. To find out more, we invite you to visit our discovery centre for Intelligent Industry, to understand how data can be harnessed to foster innovation, improve supply chains, create new customer experiences and deliver new sources of value for organisations.



Mike Dwyer, 
Director, Digital Engineering, Intelligent Industry

Mike leads the aerospace and defence Intelligent Industry consulting team in the UK and is passionate about how people and companies can harness the power of Industry 4.0.  Mike is an aeronautical engineer by trade and has 20+ years of industrial and consulting experience centring on engineering and complex manufacturing across a wide range of clients and industries.


Denton Clutterbuck, Division Director, Digital Engineering and Manufacturing Services

Denton is currently leading the DEMS division within the Engineering GBL in the UK. He (re)-joined Altran 12 years ago, after a decade in telecommunications, including several start-ups, from software products for high integrity systems to antenna manufacture. Denton has a PhD in Computer Science and a degree in Electronics, and is a strong supporter of UK engineering business, engaging with clients in multiple sectors.   He sits on the steering board of the UK’s National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme,  and the ADS Aerospace 4.0 team.


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