We have recently hosted some Kingsbury High School pupils at our offices and here’s what they told us afterwards:

“Visiting the Holborn Capgemini office and listening to the recruiter of the Capgemini apprenticeship scheme gave me an insight into how this scheme works and the intense process that the applicants have to partake in. We were given brilliant tips and advice to help us become more worthy of this amazing opportunity. 

“Furthermore, we were given the chance to talk to and carry out a Question & Answer session with the current apprentices of this firm. Not only were we given personal advice from the apprentices who passed the application process with flying colours but we were given good tips and tricks to help us stand out from the crowd!

“From this visit, I feel more motivated towards joining an apprenticeship scheme as I think it will provide me with a better foundation of skills and values.”

Priyal Bhanderi – Year 13 – Kingsbury High School


Visiting Capgemini’s well respected team of staff and apprentices at the Holborn offices was a beneficial and informing experience. As a sixth form student keen to join their respected apprenticeship scheme, it was useful to get a greater depth of knowledge about tips and resolving queries relating to the application process and the course itself.

“One of the many highlights for me was meeting one of the current apprentices as it was inspirational to gain advice from someone in a position that I would one day love to be in. Constructive advice included to “just be yourself” and about staying true to values which not only Capgemini but many other businesses and potential employers value, for example team spirit, boldness, and honesty. It was insightful how simple values that are admirable, can massively help allow individuals to strive in reaching their goals even without a vast amount of technical knowledge. These values are easy to overlook but not ones that should be forgotten.

“Another highlight was doing a simple yet useful activity led by a recruiter of mapping out a personal reflection of ambitions and achievements, a favourite subject, hobbies and interests and a more general list of how we use technology day to day. I found it useful because it gave an insightful view of just how much we rely on technology without realising, and notice links between a lots of my hobbies where and where I use technology. I found the day very helpful as it not only boosted my motivation by learning more about the course but it was also very informative and helpful.”

Roshani Vaghashiya – Year 13 – Kingsbury High School